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    Server: AMD 940, GSkill 8GB, Raptor 150GB(2) RAID 0 Gamer: Intel 4770k, GSkill 32GB, Mushkin 120GB SSD, Saphirre 7970(2) 1025/1500, Corsiar 1250w Folder: AMD 6172(4), Micron 32GB ECC, WD 250GB, Corsiar 600w Miner: Intel 4570S, Mushkin 120GB SSD, XFX 290X DD 1000/1250, Corsiar 850w
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    Overclocking Club
  1. Your client-type is set for Beta for your vid cards. You might want to change the client-type to Advanced and see if you still have issues. 14:52:50: <!-- Folding Slots --> 14:52:50: <slot id='0' type='GPU'> 14:52:50: <client-type v='beta'/> 14:52:50: </slot> 14:52:50: <slot id='1' type='GPU'> 14:52:50: <client-type v='beta'/>
  2. Wooohooo....100M! Way to fold muttunhunter!!!
  3. ........wooohooo! I won the race to 100M! . and yep....now we race for 200M! Also, congrats to CB for going over 90M!!!! :clap:
  4. We got a bunch of milestones....way to fold guys and girls!!!!! :clap: muttonhunter over 90M dickster over 40M bigchrome over 7M ykawika over 60K Also, as a team we have jumped two spots from 73 to 71. On the horizon, we can jump 5 more spots in the next 2 months and the closest group to us is 10 months away.
  5. Glad to have you back KarlNedCarew.....
  6. Mutton following me like a dissed girlfriend....lol. Congrats on hitting 60m! Any idea why we are losing folders? We have maintained our overall points, but we have gone from 20+ folders down to 14.....a 30%+ drop. Any ideas to get them back?
  7. Congrats to windsurf48 for breaking the 20M barrier. Fold on my friend....
  8. I missed that.....congrats on the 40m TX! Fold on!
  9. The valley of the sun is well represented!!!
  10. Hahahahaha.....bring it on muttonhunter! I appreciate the push I get from you. My new system is my gaming computer which I will bring online after the summer is over: Core I7 4770K - Water cooled with Seidon 240m - Most likely @ 4.3 to 4.5 MSI Extreme OC Motherboard ATI 7970 2 x 120GB Mushkin SSD GSkill DDR3 @ 2400+ Seasonic 1250W PSU And room for triple Crossfire of SLI Should be good for about 125 to 150k PPD when I'm not gaming.
  11. Way to go muttonhunter.....50m points! You and me both have just another 50m to catch up with Guns......
  12. Congrats to deejay(PitStop) for hitting 500k and ykawika for hitting 20k.......thanks for folding!
  13. A big congrats to Guns who just went over 100M points! Now....that is a milestone! Way to go big guy!!!!!
  14. http://fah-web2.stanford.edu/awards/cached-certs/cert.wmdrauch.50237508.jpg .......I'm coming for you CB.....4 months to go......
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