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  1. Both 1394 and LAC are enabled. Are you saying I should only enable LAC? Unfortunately, I don't have that Windows CD to do the full re-install. The other problem is, while other sites have recommended using a plethora of free virus scans and what not, I am unable to use them to the fullest because I cannot update them (i.e. no internet connection to those programs). No, we didn't pay him!
  2. Hey, I was hoping to get some help on this problem. The only program that can access the Internet on my computer is my Opera internet browser (the one I'm using to type this), but nothing else - not other browsers, games, email clients, etc. I have a Compaq Presario computer running Windows XP SP2 which was working fine until I had a horrible virus come through. A couple weeks ago, we had a guy come in and use ComboFix to clean it up and so the computer is now running on a modified BOOT.ini I've tried turning off Windows Firewall but that hasn't worked. Other than that, I've noticed in the "Network Connections" box, there are only two icons - "1394 Connection" and "Local Area Connection" whereas I used to have three. The last icon called "Internet Gateway". How I remedy this?
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