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  1. First posted this problem in Feb of this year and it is now Aug. I have not heard of any correction and the last time I tried to update when Super Shield called for them it still locked up. I guess you guys are busy but is there any progress on solving the problem?????
  2. OK, not a problem. Glad that I was able to be of some assistance. Love the PCMatic/Supershield software. I have been a user since I first found PC Pitstop many years ago.
  3. Haven't heard back from the help desk since I sent them my log file but I did get a message from Supershield about out of date software (Mozilla Firefox) and as I wasn't doing anything particular with the computer I clicked on announcement and told Supershield to go ahead with update. Supershield turned from yellow to green and nothing else happened at first. I thought maybe it was going to work but all of a sudden I couldn't do anything - mouse still moved but anything I clicked on had no effect. I tried opening a folder on desktop and nothing happened for several minutes, then blank windo
  4. Sorry, I forgot (I'm 68) that you asked about online e-mail account and I already have one I haven't used in 2 years but checked and it is still active. willyum194 at gmail dot com I have opened a new ticket - DSF-473388 using that e-mail address and have gotten a response already. It's obvious that my ISP is blocking mail from your help desk IP address.
  5. Nothing has come through as of 06:45 this morning. I did receive a PCPitstop newsletter though. WillYum
  6. Oh, and yes csticket at pcpitstop dot com is on my whitelist both at the ISP and locally. I also have all your addresses in my contacts. WillYum
  7. I'll check with my ISP tomorrow but I suppose I will need to know the help desk IP address. Seems funny that they would let all other mail through from you but block the help desk. Stranger things have happened though. WillYum
  8. I got the test e-mail OK but still nothing about password and now that I have started a ticket I did not get the e-mail notification about the ticket. I checked all junk mail folders and looked on my server for any e-mail from you guys. Seems funny as the note you just sent me is from the same domain and I have it white listed so any from you guys should go through OK. The last newsletter I got from your website is dated Feb 9, 2014 so at least up till then I was getting things through and I have not made any changes to my settings. WillYum
  9. I got a ticket started but am still NOT receiving any mail from you guys. I have gone out to my server and checked there. I have made sure that you are on my white list and are in my contacts list but still nothing. Maybe you could try sending a note to (email edited out) and see if I get it.
  10. I tried opening a ticket but cannot remember my password. I have twice requested that you send me password but get no response. Don't know what else I can do.
  11. Every time Super Shield announces that there are outdated software updates available I don't dare click on the announcement . If I do no matter which option I select - even if I tell Super Shield to ignore them - something happens and my computer locks up. Nothing works and I have to shut power off or do a hardware reboot to get going again. I can run PCMatic and it will download and install the updates so this just seems to be a Super Shield problem. At first I thought it was a software download/install problem but it has done it with different software updates - Google Chrome, Java, etc.
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