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  1. Comodo had a popup saying Yontoo is on my computer. i selected clean but various instances of Yontoo would pop up every few mins. I went to Control Panel/ Uninstall Software and nothing is there that looked odd to me. How should I get rid of this? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I bought a bluetooth dongle, It looks like a very tiny usb flash drive. It's properly installed on a windows 7 pc. The blue icon with the bluetooth logo is on the main bar. The problem is that my pc and phone refuse to "join hands"? It keeps saying the passkey is wrong. Where is it and where do I put that info in? I do not have an instruction booklet for the phone? Thanks
  3. I asked corsair if I should return just one or all four sticks. No response. I'm just going to send the one and hope for the best. Thanks everyone.
  4. whoops realized that some of my questions were already answered. I'm not sure if I misunderstood thw whocrashed report. but I spent 30mins on each stick of ram. The last one? 65535+ errors. wow. I feel stupid asking. but if corsair gives me a replacement can I just add it to the sticks I have already? if not.... I can't use three sticks right? it has to be in pairs? thanks.
  5. I have four 8gb ram making a total of 32gb. I put it into the pc and assumed everything is automatic. been fine for a year. should I have done something in bios this whole time? the stick says 1333mhz 32gb (4x8gb) 9-9-9-24 1.5v ver2.20 I was wondering, maybe there's something wrong in the bios? Anyway i have the first ram stick in the second slot from the cpu. its almost done with the test with 0errors. can I put ram in any slot? I was curious if this is due to a bad dimm slot on the mobo. can I put all fpur sticks in? I thought you can only use one at a time. thanks
  6. work kept me super busy lately, I have memtest 86 iso on cd ready to go. the crash report said it might not be ram but its probably best to check it. but how do I use memcheck 86? can I leave all four sticks in and just wait and see what's wrong? thanks.
  7. Had two more crashes since first post. It's crazy!!! Just updated the bios from 3608 to 3707. You know something wierd? When I go into Asus EZ bios, the mouse stops working and under the boot property, the DVD drive does not appear? I just put a disc into the dvd drive and it works fine? I'm hoping it's just me not updating the bios that created those blue screens. This is gonna sound stupid, since I remember doing this, but how do i test each stick of ram again? It's the 2nd slot from the cpu and hit memtest and let it cycle overniht right? thanks, any other ideas will
  8. Hello, I have a custom pc that is acting up again. The first problem may be unrelated, but I had to hold down the memtest button to let the pc cycle over and over again. Until I could go into bios and update it. Asus had a thing where you have to update the bios or windows won't start. Could be related, might not be. That was about a year ago. Today, the pc is having blue screens of death errors. I have not seen those in years! I have two hdd set up on the pc. One is the c drive with windows and all the programs. Then I have a second hdd with documents and pictures etc. S
  9. i always had someone guild me with the wiring. also im parinod of doing it wrong.
  10. lol. okay I never saw a speaker that tiny. I'm sorry I'm gonna need more help. I still do not know which wire goes where. Also, where is the 9pin for the USB wire? Can't find it on the picture of the board.
  11. I'm always confuse with the wiring. this is the mobo: http://www.asus.com/...et_1155/P8H67V/ Still in transit from newegg, I was able to find the manual online from Asus's board (it's a zip download link): http://dlcdnet.asus....142_P8H67_V.zip These are all the wires from the case. I'm a tad confuse of the speaker wire, it's not connected to anything? Base on the link and images, can someone help me with the wiring? This new bios seems a bit confusing, what should I do in bios? Recommended settings? This is the part list, the computer is being build for someone
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