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  1. Thanks all,I plan on playing a poker tournament today and just relaxing ( and hopefully win)
  2. You can go to this site and type in the name,city and state of anyone and actually see their drivers license,picture and all,I think this is a closed case of invasion of privacy!! http://www.license.shorturl.com
  3. dickster, I click everyday,just in case I would forget,they send me an email to remind me
  4. I'm on 207/400 of my 2nd one,I just started and both have been 400 newbie
  5. I had to have my cat put to sleep (poor sweet Puff),I didn't want to,but I couldn't stand to see her suffer anymore,she went to sleep in my arms,me and the vet looked at each other with watery eyes (he had been her vet for 17 years and loved her as much as me and my wife did) and he said that was the first time it had ever effected him the way it did,then he said she's not hurting anymore and he asked for a picture of her so he could hang in his office,to this day thats the first thing you see when you go to his clinic,I would hope some doctor would do the same for me.
  6. OK see how this works now, finished 400 WU get 241 points,allready on 2nd one looks like pc getting faster 83 of 400 since yesterday
  7. My God what is this world coming too,I would tie them to horses and rip them apart!!!!!!!!
  8. But it turns out that the most prominent player Senate's top Democrat, Harry Reid. Corruption by both parties... Term Limits PLEASE!!! http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2006/1/3/115231.shtml
  9. try here.... http://www.crazypc.com/Merchant2/merchant....duct_Code=50985 You'll have to add a fan from drop down
  10. and Merry Christmas all in 1 day Have a safe and happy one
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