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  1. I really sort of figured that deleting the driver and letting windows reinstall it should work, but I thought that I'd first search for the proper driver, and when a Google search showed me that PC Pitstop had the driver I figured I'd give it a try - I'm always looking for reliable places to get drivers. The uninstall DID work, but I wonder why a place as reputable as PC Pitstop would list a driver for which it provides no downloads.
  2. Compaq Presario SR5310F running 32 bit Vista Home Premium. Haven't used the CD drive on this in ages, but when I recently triedit didn't respond. The drive itself doesn't appear in the Computer properties. Device manager shows a yellow triangle on the device TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H653L ATA Device. I right-clicked the device and clicked on update driver. It has now been searching for 30 minutes. I searched for the driver which took me to one of your pages http://www.pcpitstop.com/libraries/driver/detail.asp?driver=TSSTcorp~CD/DVDW~TS-H653L~ATA~Device.html As you can see, there seems to be nothing downloadable on this page. Under the Vista 32 bit there are 3 drivers listed. Each of them have the word None under the heading Download (actually ALL of the OS's listed display None under Download). How do I download this?
  3. I have an IDE cable going from the mobo to the HD. Both of those connectors seem secure. There is another connector on the IDE cable that is not connected to anything, and if I connect it to what seems to be another hard drive (???), and reboot, it just stays in the HP invent screen for about 60 seconds, then I get the read error. The power cable seems secure, but once again there is another power connector that can be plugged into this second HD (???). There is also a tiny 4 hole connector coming out of that 2nd power connector. Plugging both the 2nd IDE cable and the 2nd power into the 2nd HD (leaving the litle 4 hole connector flopping) still gives me the read error About 4 years old. It was built by a friend of mine (since deceased). I bought it from his wife for 100 bucks. I really DO need files off of this PC...
  4. My XP Pro PC boots up with a black screen reading 'A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.' This displays immediately after the HP Invent screen with the big blue HP logo on a white background that has at the bottom - F8 Configuration and Diagnostics'. When I press F8 it says 'Entering Boot Menu' where I can change the boot order, or I get the following options: [Return] to boot (which simply gets me to the read error), [Esc] to cancel (which also gets me to the read error), [F2] Setup - which gets me into the BIOS, [Esc] Summary (????), [F12] Boot on LAN (which of course will not work), or [F10] to run HP Diagnostics, which gives me an error saying that the HP e-Diagtools is missing or has not been found on your bootable hard disk. I seem unable to access Safe Mode from this screen. Any help? I DO NOT have an XP-Pro setup/install CD. I DO have an XP Home CD, whixh I can boot from, but hitting an R to get to the repair console, does nothing more than get me to a DOS-like screen with limited command function - I actually cannot even do a 'dir' from there.
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