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  1. Mr very gorgeous Josh Groban Hugs Kimberley
  2. hi m, i did a little more checking through my trends logs, firstly when the worm was first picked up, actual time and date. then to see if it had been straight after an update which it was not, which is good news. this means that i like you proberly Trend already had the right updates to keep it clear. if it had been after an update and not picked up by realtime, i would have thought maybe it could have been on there for a while and the latest updates now includes the ability to find it. i guess what i am trying to say is that if realtime picked it up, without just having been updated it
  3. hi Mctavish, i have had the same report as you. i saw no listing for it in my log files other than the clean up log, nothing in the virus sections at all. i believe the files i listed originally are part of sun Java and the intrusion noted was infact by trend itself. one causing the other so to speak. anyway like you i have not had any other reports. my pc is protected by 3 different firewalls hardware and software, and if this did get in, which i doubt its gone now, as has yours you say. i have run several further antivirus test and suggest you do this to make sure, also reme
  4. hi again its seems from the link you are only using an online scanner, is it at all possible for you to get a full version of an anti virus? i cant tell you if the online scanner is capable of removing this yet? but i believe it is. also i have a file for you to check out http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/virusencyc...T%2EAAB&VSect=P anyway which ever one you are using i need to know what you see actually when the scan has finished. where the file is located etc. run your antivirus again and copy the results here. i need to check this because the file you are trying to delet
  5. hi debbie, stubborn sucker this one, can you tell me are you running the full version of trend, is it updated!! if so which version!! or just the online one has trend managed to get this file yet which is part of the troj too SPYW_GETSYS.A. can you check the logs to find out if this has been found and removed i could not remove this from a pc until this had been removed. could you also post actually what trend sees. kimberley
  6. hi guys Josh groban for me. Cds "Josh Groban", "Closer" dvds "live in contert" "live at the greek" In the car, on the pc, in the dvd players you get the idea. kimberley
  7. Trend s pccillin 4 me 2. i have always used these, tried norton once for about 5mins. back to trend 4 me. Av and Firewall as standard now!! anti spam. network protection. private data protection. etc Also i have a Belkin networking router with firewall, just because!! kimberley edit. Trend have been going mad in the last few days with updates, all good stuff!!
  8. Hi guys, Just found this file on my desktop, I am not sure actually when it appeared as I was doing other things!! Anyway the only thing I know is that about 30mins ago. I had a warning from form realtime to say that this had been detected and cleaned.# Worm SDBOT.APA clean successful!! Where the two are related I don’t know!! Anyone with any ideas on this Thanks kimberley Heres what the file reads hs_err_pid3056 An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM. Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005)
  9. hi guys just an up date, on this after trend removed the downloaded file, SPYW_GETSYS.A. an date from them after and a pc restart, and it has now quarantine Troj.Agent AAB it did find the virus again , but only in the restore files which i then disabled and then re enabled again. thanks kimberley
  10. thanks i will have another prod and poke at this tomorrow when i get around there i will let you know how it goes and what i find out from it, hugs kimberley
  11. hi willl either of these remove it??? http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/virusencyc...T%2EAAB&VSect=P this is what i found from trend, i have no idea why their clean up is not removing it. it found and quarantine the spyware file, it downloaded, but will not remove the troj itself thanks kimberley
  12. Hi jacee thanks for that, this seems to be only a removal if you have their product already installed. all the links available send you around in circle s and then back to the start again, do you know if there is available a removal tool for this. thanks kimberley
  13. Hi guys i haven't been around much lately, been busy. you know the type of thing. great to be back in the fold again lol. any way i installed trendmicro pccillin 2005 on a pc today, and it found this TROJ AGENT. AAB IN C:\WINDOWS\System32\Pzkgwn.exe Trend micro has been unable to remove or quarantine it, even though it is listed now as a removable troj in their previous updates. anyway i did a manual scan, and tried to remove it, after setting system restore, still it told me the file could not be removed. i searched for it and tried to remove it, still got err
  14. hi guys, i leave all mine running apart from when i am out of the house, for a while. at night i use one pc as a surveillance cam, for out side. (nosy i know) one thing i do have however is everything protected by a good surge protector, even my wireless broadband connection etc, everything runs together so everything is protected. kimberley :beer:
  15. hi nez, i just remembered that when i use windows movie maker to transfer vhs the my compy i need to connect a cable from the mic port, to my sound card, could this be the problem, should i connect it again? although doing the test you recommended allowed me to see and hear the sound being transferred from my mic (toucam). the toucam was however not listed as a capture device in wins movie only "rage" ati video capture. when i selected "capture" i got an error stating shut down all aps using this. a window also opened the sound config, which when i speak allows sound to be transferred
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