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  1. wow...you are spending time and energy on this. being a minority like thunder I really appreciate your effort Personally I do not think rascism can be stopped easily. For some people it has become like an instinct. It will take a long time before we see a difference in peoples attitudes. To tell you the truth i dont blame them. People are often afraid of what is unfamiliar to them.
  2. I got my ps2 and modded it to play my backup ps2 games and will buy the ps3 when it is modable
  3. Its fine if people smoke as long as they arent effecting the health of others with second hand smoke. The thing that makes me angry is when people who smoke in no smoking zones say something like "Hey cars give out smoke so us smoking wont be that different for you". They can go and smoke somehwhere in private or in a place where smoking is allowed. Cars can be called a necessary evil and the engines are always being improved to result in less pollution.
  4. Well go out, just walk or something, go to a club maybe. Theres so much you can do
  5. If its true we should have at least gotten a warning
  6. She should be hanged in public. That should end her depression and misery
  7. Um maybe threads like these were the reason: http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=63833&hl=
  8. It was the name of a move in Breath of fire 4 for the playstation. I liked it. Didnt know then that it was a genre of music
  9. Suikoden II Breath of fire IV Final fantasy VII Front mission III You guys have to try the first and last. Amazing
  10. Very sad. He was a strong man. God rest his soul
  11. Think about it, with all the pretty graphics in the world if you dont have a good selection of games to choose from then whats the point. Also the few games you have, if you have to pay to play them online that further makes the [email protected] seem a better deal. Huge library of games, free online play and a new improved version coming out its a no brainer
  12. No way its overrated. I have not had a good sleep since two weeks and it feels like I am drunk Not that i have ever been drunk
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