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    Well, thank you shogan191, are you the only welcoming committee. Been browsing through the site the past month as a guest (not logged in) just checking the different forums, reading posts and replies and I found some things a little disturbing. In Tips'n'Tricks, I've noticed a lot of informative and very useful tips, yet hardly anyone responds with a "nice find" or "good tip, thanks for sharing", which is done on a lot of other forums and if they do respond, in many cases here, it's usually a comment like "someone's looking for $" or "too bad it's useless", comments like these IMO shou


    Hello all; Just joined. Haven't been through the whole site yet, but so far the Tips'n'Tricks section for Windows and Vista is awesome. Thanks to all who have contributed. Will enjoy venturing the rest of this site. Sam
  3. Just curious, what's unfortunate about an old post? The OP started the topic 2 days after the blog was published and you replied with that comment 3 months later A lot of people are evaluating/testing Windows 7 and any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks Adamsappleone, looking forward to reading more tips from you and other members here. Sam
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