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  1. Yes I think you right nigsy it's something to do with paint, thank you for your help and the link !
  2. It seems I've inadvertently changed my screen size and it's really messed up my screen shots, whenever I paste them into paint and save them it shows a large white section at the bottom of the photo, if I move the bottom frame down before saving the screen shot it skews the image and ruins it, the size of the first screen shot is 1366 x 770 it seems to be stuck at this size, the second screen shot after moving the bottom frame down is 1366 x 1080. how do I change this back to the original setting and make it stick ?
  3. Thank you so much nigsy, I will try that, I'm a little reluctant now to visit tumblr again, I was on Firefox when that happened, do you know if it matters which browser you use ?
  4. I thought I would alert people to this strange thing that invaded my browsing while I was on Tumblr, it's happened twice now and the only way I've managed to make it stop was to shut everything down, unplug the computer and internet connection etc, my laptop seems fine now so I'm not sure how serious this thing is, has anyone come across this before ?
  5. Thank you nigsy and Tx for your help, it turns out that Autoplay was the issue so I turned it off
  6. Thank you nigsy, that's exactly right, a few options popped up as soon as the camera was hooked up and I made the mistake of choosing one, when I should've waited for the Canon Utilities Camera Window DC to open as it usually does, I will try your suggestion !
  7. I recently had to change the battery on my Asus laptop (Windows 8.1) which has brought along the usual problems re-learning and re-doing things, I must've pressed the wrong option for displaying photo's when I hooked up my Canon A1400 it displays photo's in a way I would like to change, I've explored but have yet to find a way to change this, the first photo is what I'm presented with as soon as the camera is connected, the 2nd photo is what I've always been used to, how do I change this ?
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