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  1. i use the windows default vista thing it has a toshiba configfree radar thingy but it still uses the win connector maybe thats it instead of turning my laptop off then goin to a new loc i need to be sure to disconnnect? that MIGHT be it
  2. ok i bought a new toshiba laptop from best buy brought it home and had no issue getting on to the home wireless router already set up and running but i noticed when i went to a friends and logged on when i returned home and tried to get back on my home network it said connected right away but i couldnt get on the net upon closer inspection i saw it said IDENTIFYING i wait and wait and nothing happened in like 5 minutes so i unplugged the modem and router plugged em back in tried to reconnect and it said identifying for 20-30 secs then let me on whats it doing? anyone
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