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  1. I'd be worried about disease after that one. That sucks.
  2. How much do you think, about, rough estimate it would be to get small engine mounts re-done? If professionally done.
  3. Hey, A friend I have has this scooter (gas), and the mounts on the engine are cracked. It's aluminum. He doesn't think it can be welded, but I hear it can. How hot does it need to be? Can it even be done? Any special equipment needed?
  4. Anyone who threatens you online is a freaking wuss. Threaten me to my face.
  5. It's not my computer. Hopefully they are random ads. I hope you guys block it, seriously. That would be such a pity to keep a smiley central ad.
  6. Yeah, which is why I'm kind of concerened.
  7. The pit has ads for Smiley Central? Ummm...?
  8. I bet getting hit the head hurt like hell.
  9. Nah, but sounds cool. You'll probably come home with 20 pounds of cereal samples.
  10. They both look good guys, thanks. I'll show them to him.
  11. Hey, Head is KILLEN' me, and I just remembered.... I said I'd photoshop this picture to fix the dogs eyes for my teacher. http://zoneforums.com/me%20and%20micco.jpg Could someone throw some brown eyes on the dog? Yellowish brown is what he said, I don't know. If anyone could do it real fast, it'd be great.
  12. How long can you hold it? I can do 1:05. (Hold your nose shut)
  13. I did it, I now have a net worth of about $40,000,000 (40 millionUSD), if you want some of it, just send me $250 for the transaction. Just for doing this, I'll give you back $1,000,000. Yeah, it's a scam.
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