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  1. He's the product of his environment. He was mistreated and abused as a child. He gained fame at a young age, made enough money to lock himself into his own childhood world (hence never land). He probably surrounded himself with people who never told him to seek help for his psychological issues (yes men). I'm not defending his actions, but it is what it is. He was a genius, iconic musician, but a screwed up individual.
  2. I'm glad you're back, and doing better. Here's to a speedy recovery.
  3. stumble I didn't even see this new thread... the other one went a ways, eh?
  4. Well, if you believe there is a god, I think it would stem into other things. God is outside of our logic. We cannot imagine infinite, or timeless. "Time" is something humans interpret in their own way. A god wouldn't think in "time", it would just "be", and have "been".
  5. I plan on someday reading all of the holy texts I can. This way, I can have valid insight on many religions. If you have only read one text, opinions are pretty mute in my eyes. I'd be even more interested in hearing stories of people who have converted, or have gone from atheist to religious (I know, rare).
  6. There are good responses in this thread. I am not looking for direction or life advice. I believe a question like this could be beneficial to everyone. I wanted this to be more of a "look inside yourself and share your beliefs" topic. I feel it is easier to ask on a forum, because in real if people usually get uncomfortable (for some very weird reason), or sometimes are even offended by questions on their religion. Personally, I believe organized religion has caused almost all of the greatest evils throughout history. I also believe some morales that come with religions can be damaging
  7. What makes you believe in Christianity, specifically your church over other churches, or another religion all together?
  8. Because religion makes a lot of people happy, why wouldn't I want to get into it?
  9. I do not think any religion is more valid than another, otherwise I would practice one. I am just asking why people personally believe their practice is more valid than the others. Logically, people should only practice a religion with faith if they have reason to have faith in it.
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