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  1. Hello First post and I hope it can be successful. I have a similar problem from above, I had a malware hicky madoodel and then it changed my desktop, locked me out of task manager and continually popped Firefox to a russian spyware site. I went into the registry and got rid of the lock on Task Manager, got rid of the lock on the background, and most of the other items. All seemed good..not so much. I then was going on the internet but when I did google searches, it would do the search, but then the link would take me to another site. Well I ran malwarebytes, symantec and spybot and found some other trojans, so I killed them... NOW, none of my browsers will find websites. I have network connectivity, I can connect to ventrillio, other users on the same machine can connect, all other functions seem to work, but I cannot view any websites. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will help anyone else out that I can that may have the same issues, it has taken me too much time already to solve this crazy problem, so if I can help someone else I will be glad to.. Thanks mastdog
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