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  1. Well, as I said, this can turn into a chevy, dodge ford op.....I hate ford and do not want to be taken to the cemetery in one. I really appreciate all input.
  2. This is probably the same as which truck is best; chevy, dodge or ford, but I am presently using Comodo and have been debating going to another (freebee). Debating on Avast. Which has the least (think I am using the proper term) Bloatware? It is an HP PC with Win7. If I go to another Antivirus here I may also add to Patti's laptop, a Toshiba Satellite C655..... Also am using MalWarebytes as I think this is the best malware program..... Thanks to all that post.
  3. I installed malwarebytes today and on the initial scan it "located" PUM.hijack.start.....I did remove the item and am just curious as to what this is. This is a new computer and on our old computer I do not ever remember this item.....Just curious if this was something to watch for..... Thanks
  4. I finally added the plugin.....DUMMY, I always need to allow script, Did, added plugin, two tests on the neptune page and two crashes.....I am going to try what mme suggests.....Oh brother.....Thanks
  5. It says to go to where I can download a plugin.....Mozilla.....but there is no place on that page for a plugin.....If I try to do a test on my old IE 7 the test stops towards the end.....Believe me, I am not a computer novice, just not real gifted.....I will try to do what/where the link says..I have tried in the past to run tests, but that is the problem I always run into. Thanks
  6. I don't know what all info is necessary, Dell 8300 w/XP, running Mozilla/Firefox for browser, Adware/SpyBot/SuperAntiSpyWare/Win Defender/Norton System Works. On boot-up, between clicking on MY icon to full page opening is about 8-10 minutes. It takes 1 minute just to open browser, did not used too. Upon using trial Registry Easy, 2834 problems.....Uni-Blue gives me 431 problems.....Is a registry scanner real necessary? Probably not a freebee online. Would that help at all? Just what might be some things to look for. On StartUp, all I have enabled is Sgtray, ccApp, MSASCui and one I re-added s
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