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  1. Friend of mine has an Aspire ONE D260-A Netbook which runs Windows XP and a day or so ago the machine refused to boot up? Instead the following message is displayed. Windows could not start up because the following file is missing or corrupt \Windows\System32\Config\System To make matters even worse she no longer has the original start up disk that came with the machine when new. Hope someone can help?
  2. Have finally managed to configure the router and changed theDNS servers. Can now visit Distrowatch.com whenever i choose lol Thanks for all the help and advice everyone.
  3. Just thought that everyone might like to have a look at the answer to the problem i have been having when trying to access www.distrowatch.com http://www.talktalkmembers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=74834 What possible reason could TalkTalk have for denying its members access to Distrowatch? By the way how do i go about changing servers?
  4. The computer i am using is not part of a network so that just leaves the ISP.
  5. Have even tried to ping the distrowatch site using ping www.distrowatch.com and got the following output: ping unknown host www.distrowatch.com
  6. Clicked on the link with the usual result. Server not found?
  7. I had been using a Netgear DG834G router so i changed the router to a D-Link DSL-2640R but with the same result? Why would the Distrowatch site ban my IP for? I only go to the site to read up on different Linux distro's.
  8. I have a Netgear DG834G router and i have even checked the "Block Sites" section and could find no mention of Distrowatch there. I have even checked the HOSTS file. I still can't access the distrowatch site?
  9. I originally installed Slitaz-3 stable and had a load of problems trying to run it the way i wanted. So i did a fresh install with Slitaz-Core-4in1. The install was very fast. For some reason i was unable to download Firefox 9.0.1 from the link you provided so i went to http://www.trixarian.net/slitaz and i downloaded Firefox 4.0 and updated it to version 9.0.1. With Slitaz-Core-4in1 i had no problem getting the default media player to work and i could even watch YouTube video's without any problem. The only problem i have encountered so far is the screen resolution which is
  10. Strange that because i am also using Firefox 9.0.1 + Midori 0.2.4 and i can't get to the Distrwatch site with either browser. Must be someone who knows what's causing the problem surely?
  11. Hello John 44 I followed your link but still got the same result: Server not found? I am running the SliTaz OS and using Firefox-9.0.1
  12. I enjoy going along to Distrowatch and trying out different distro's but everytime i've tried clicking on a link to get to the site all i get is: Server not found? This has been going on for at least a day. Is Distrowatch nolonger available?
  13. I bought an Hard Drive off a mate and installed it and then tried to run and eventually install a Linux distro called Puppy Linux 5.2.8. I also tried to run Austrumi-2.4.0 (live cd) + Lubuntu-11.4 (live cd). But for some reason not even the live cd's will work and all i see on the screen is the following:- EDD: Error 8000 reading sector 347787 EDD: Error 8000 reading sector 347833 Tried doing a Google search on the above errors but could not find anything. Would appreciate any help
  14. googy


    Think i'll give it a miss and still with an OS like Ubuntu. Have been considering whether or not to give Slitaz-3 or even Tiny Core a try out. Thanks for the reply though dog_soldier.
  15. googy


    Hiya Bruce After reading your reply i think i'll stick with my current distro Austrumi and keep trying to configure the keyboard for the English language. Thanks for the reply Bruce.
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