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  1. I talked to verizon again and they agree to send a new modem and they are going to bump up our speed free of charge for a month. I dont believe that the speed is the issue since My cable modem runs slower but performs better than the dsl. Im going to try the current modem with the boosted speed and then hook up the new modem to determine the issue. last night i borrowed my neighbors laptop and checked speed w/ the cable and dsl modems and i had the same issue with the dsl freezing up. I have my cable hooked up to my computer now and it works fine. Im not certain of anything else i can do with it, my knowledge is limited. -jason-
  2. I am transitioning from Comcast cable internet to Verizon DSL. I've been having issues with the DSL, while downloading programs, applications or streaming videos they freeze up. Also pages randomly take too long to load. At first I thought it might be a router issue so I bypassed the router and it made no difference. Ive been on the phone 3 times with verizon tech support and they were no help. They tried to say that the issue is with my computer. However I have hooked my cable modem back up and everything works fine. I explained this to them repeatedly but they said that from their end everything looks perfect. I ran speed tests on speedtest.net and the cable and DSL speeds were almost equal. The DSL actually was a little faster. So I dont fully understand the problem, I appreciate any input on this. -Jason-
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