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  1. Thanks everyone, guess I'll start watching the ads and visiting the computer stores next week.
  2. Thanks for asking, lets see, email of course, using the web for information, I like to read foreign newspapers, some graphics ( I do stained glass, windows etc. so I download lots of pictures to make patterns). I don't play games except Scrabble, but I would like to be able to download music(legally of course) and also copy Cd's. As you can see I'm not too adventuress, but I do want a good machine; one that is will last for years and is user friendly. I guess you could say I'm a information freak. Before computers I practically lived at the local library. Hope you have some good advic
  3. Hi, I posted this question in 'tips and tricks ; got some good advice, but they also suggested I post here. I am currently have a 7 year old computer and it is stating to die. I want to buy a new computer with windows 7 but I need some guidance on what the basic specs should be. Should I buy a ready made model or get it custom built?---my old one was custom built and served me well.I want a "desktop workhorse", one that can be upgraded if needed. My budget is $1500 Can. tops. Should I also wait a few months till some of the kinks are worked out of windows 7??? I should add that I
  4. Dianne

    windows 7

    Again, thanks Adam22 and Nigsy, I appreciate your advice. I should have added that I'm looking at a desktop and hoping not to spend more than $1500 Can. total. I see that I have to do some more homework - Dianne
  5. Dianne

    windows 7

    Thanks Adam22 and Nigsy, Do you have any other advice on specs for a new computer?--anything I can use for a guideline when I do go shopping? My old computer was custum made and it lasted a long time--should I go that route again or stick with a ready made one? Dianne
  6. Dianne

    windows 7

    I could use some advice. I need to buy a new computer, mine is 7 yrs old , and starting to go(XP). I have always heard 'never change to a new system when it first comes out because there will always be some bugs to work out'. How long should I wait till I go shopping for a new computer?I need 'workhouse computer'--I don't mind having to spend a few dollars but I don't want to waste the money. I was thinking around Feb. 2010 is when I should start shopping. I should add I am 62 yrs. old, with medium computer skills. Please give me your opinions. Thank you
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