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  1. Hi, I would suggest to turn off WEP and set your access point and router back to default settings. Go to the remote computer and let the card install. If it will not connect, then run the network wizard on the remote computer. Once it is connected, you can then set up security.
  2. Have you tried >THIS< ?
  3. tedd1


    Got it this AM as an update on all 3 comps (came with an XP security update also ). Will run it as default for a while to see how it does. So far, after a couple of hours surfing, I think it is an improvement over IE6. But, it does seem a little clunky compared to FF. May be it needs some tweaking. We'll see.....
  4. Hi, Go >>HERE<< , should give you a start on learning about internet settings. I use TCP Optimizer on my computers, much easier and safer than editing the registry.
  5. Guys, If y'all are talking about laptops, check your power profiles. My Tosh will underclock, even when plugged in. I normally run in "Minimal Power Management" mode. When I test in "Minimal Power Management" mode, I usually score between 1350 & 1400 on Pit Test. I can turn off power profile and set to "Home/Office Desk" and will raise the Pit score to around 1550 to 1600. Mainly due to processor and memory scores. The Pit shows proper FSB & CPU speed in all modes. But, CPUz and RMClock show that I am running @ 1860MHz unless I set profile to "Home/Office Desk", which forces it to run @ 3200MHz. However, when in "Home/Office Desk" mode, I have to strap the lappy down to keep it from lifting off the desk! "Home/Office Desk" Test "Minimal Power Management" Test
  6. Hi, Check >>Here<<, and >>Here<<, Some good info at both places. Hope it helps.
  7. trapper, Try this: Start>ControlPanel>System>Advanced>StartUp & Recovery>Settings Untick the box for Automatically Restart (Won't fix your prob, but you should bluescreen w/error now instead of restarting. Might help trace to real prob)
  8. Hi flathead, Check >THIS< out.... A little more expensive than regular DSL or Cable, but it is a viable alternative. It works thru a PC card similar to connecting to a wireless router. The card runs about $100, but, comes with a $99 mail in rebate. I connect my laptop via Bluetooth thru my Motorola cell phone (most modern phones will work, Bluetooth or a wired tether) and get 200 kb/sec down anywhere. I was told the card is a little faster, but the phone works fine for me. Call them and check it out, or visit a Cingular store. It is cheap enough to run it a month or two to see if does the job. (I do not work for Cingular).
  9. Hi matchiz, Some links for you: >HERE< >HERE< and >HERE< Hope this helps out.
  10. Elitemedia Pop64 HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains\elitemediagroup.net High Elitemedia Pop64 HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains\elitemediagroup.net## High Elitemedia Pop64 HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains\elitemediagroup.net##* High I think these entries are in the blocked area. Open Regedit and go to these entries and look around, there are a lot of baddies listed there! Probably added by Spybot, or another protection program. AKA, False Positives! I agree with what was said about Spyware Doctor and FP's, but, I'm fairly certain this is the case here!
  11. Hi, I would try getting rid of Roboform...have seen similar issues with it in the past. Also, try another browser, Firefox or Avant or something, temporarily, as Roboform integrates itself into IE. You can always put everything back, if that is not the culprit. Good Luck!!
  12. Hi, Please go >HERE< and read up on malware removal. :crash: If you still have problems, go >HERE<, and start a new thread for help. PS: don't forget to post a link to a current test. Good luck!
  13. If a user were to delete this Reg. entry, wouldn't they be removing protection from this malware?
  14. Your test indicates you have the drives on the wrong plugs on the cable. I believe c drive should be drive 0. I'm thinking the master, c drive, should be on the end plug on the ide cable, slave on the middle plug. Whichever way it is, I think yours are backwards. Try switching the drives on the cable.
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