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  1. I recently downloaded IE 9 32bit and ran PC Pitstop with no problems. I got an update for IE9 64 bit and I downloaded that because my machine is 64 bit capable. I now have IE9 64 and 32 bit versions. I ran Pc Pitstop in, IE9 64 bit to see if it affected my computer, but I was unable to download the utility. I tried rebooting and lowering my security from med high to med, but it didn't work. Is Pitstop not 64 bit capable or am I doing something wrong.
  2. I had exactly the same problem as the others. I applied the fix you gave and the program ran as before. I then ran disk cleanup and the problem came back( I had the downloaded Program files checked) .My question is why this has suddenly started. I have always had that box checked and I have never seen this problem before this past week. I will now go back in and apply the fix, but that, Downloaded Program Files, fills up fast and I really don't like having to go back in and apply this fix every time I use it. Any chance of reviewing your changes in the last week or so and try to find out what
  3. Purchased optimize and it has done nothing to improve my system operation. It did make adjustments to my internet that degraded it by about 25%. I consider my purchase of Optimize as payment for my many years of utilizing pitstop.Cannot recommend this product, based on my results.
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