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    OS-WinXP | PC- HP | CPU- 3.20mhz | HD-80GB | Ram 1GB |CD-RW/DVD-RW
  1. Hi all- New poster here... was wondering has anybody ever deleted the desktop shortcut to drive E:\, and then discovered there was no longer any access (on the whole computer) to the CD-RW/DVD-RW drives? 'E:\' is no longer listed in Device Mgr or 'My Computer'. I did reset Bios to the default settings, and "NCR DVD-RW" now shows up there, but not anywhere else. When I checked the Win Sys32 [XP] folder, I saw the file 'cdplayer.exe.manifest was there, but had become 'orphaned' and wasn't linked to any application? I've tried everything ... anyone with ideas on how to fix this? [OS-XP|pc-HP|cpu-3.20mhz|1gb Ram] Thanks priva1tm
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