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  1. Totally agreed! I am a professional Windows developer and I HATE Vista. We do all of our software development on XP only (although later testing on Vista and now Windows 7 is the must). From my somewhat cursory (development-wise) experience with Windows 7, I can attest that it looks and behaves pretty much like Vista. Microsoft and many reviewers claim that migration to Windows 7 won't have as many issues as people experienced with Vista. Well, that will be true if you're migrating from Vista to 7, BUT NOT for XP to 7. So if you like Vista, Windows 7 is for you. If you have XP, especially with older hardware (video card, sound card, printers, scanners, etc.) I would STRONGLY recommend sticking with XP and not buy into the 7's flashy look. All those "new features" will be overshadowed by the headache of your hardware not working under 7, resulting in a much larger additional expense for the hardware upgrade. Also the word of advice for people using any custom-built software and hardware under XP. (By that I mean any companies running a specialized software for their needs/equipment.) Before attempting to upgrade to Windows 7 (or Vista) consult with the manufacturers of that custom software/hardware. From my experience people went through a major headache by trying those news Operating Systems only to discover that their multi-thousand dollar equipment stopped working. SO BE WARNED. The only way how I would advocate getting Windows 7 is on a new laptop, since it will come equipped with all the needed hardware so you won't be faced with a prospect of shoehorning your old hardware into Windows 7. Last thing I want to say is that it amazes me that some online reviewers claim that now Microsoft came up with a new taskbar design in Windows 7 that can compete with the Dock in OS X. First of all, that in itself requires some adjusting for the loyal Windows users, and secondly, come on now, how many years did it take Microsoft to knock it off Apple's OS X?
  2. Dude, I keep telling you and you don't want to listen to me. Here's the screen shot of what happens: I did everything like you explain in your tutorial but I get that annoying message that I quoted two times by now.
  3. Yes, the DSL modem is located on the other floor and it'd be too expensive to run the ethernet cable to it. Both PCs are sitting next to each other and I thought I could connect one wirelessly and the second one - to the first wireless PC via crossover Ethernet. Again, what happens is that when I try to enable Internet connection sharing I get the message: I don't know how to overcome it?
  4. DSL: Qwest Motorola 3347USB Wireless Adapter (PC #1): LinkSys Wireless G, WUSB54GC Crossover Ethernet cable between two network cards; Both PCs are Windows XP SP3; Yes.
  5. Hi everyone: Can someone tell me why can't Microsoft make things simple? Here's my situation. I have 2 desktops. One, let's call it PC #1, was hooked up to a broadband internet via the Ethernet cable and also to PC #2 via another Ethernet cable. (I have two network cards in PC #1.) In case I wanted to share an Internet connection between two PCs I'd go to Network Connections, right click on the Local Area connection (the one between two PCs), then go to Properties -> Advanced and check "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection". This will enable the Internet connection on PC #2. Couple days ago I had to switch from a cable broadband modem to the wireless DSL. So instead of an Ethernet cable I now have a USB Wireless Adapter from Syslink that provides the wireless Internet for the PC #1. Today I needed Internet connection on PC #2, for which, as usually, I went to the Network Connection on PC #1 and performed steps described above, to which I received the following message: I have no idea what that means and what other LAN may exist with the same IP address. I did not set up any static IP addresses and every "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" property for every connection has "Obtain an IP address automatically" flag enabled. Can someone tell me what shall I do to enable Internet connection on PC #2 in my configuration? Thank you in advance.
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