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  1. Hold everything. It's all good now. The culprit--Noscript. I now have it disabled on the Pitstop Forums page. I didn't provide as much information as I should have, and for that I'm sorry--I know that your time is valuable. Thank you Doug and Jaycee for your efforts.
  2. I probably should have mentioned that I use Firefox. Sorry if it caused confusion. Can't find "Compatibility View Settings" in Firefox Tools, View, or Help. Google lists "Compatibility View Settings" with references to IE.
  3. Not worried about temporary slowdown (insert ROFL smiley here) Cleared DNS cache Cleared Prefetch Cleared Pitstop cookies Rebooted Same problems The good side is that none of this keeps me from posting.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Cleared cookies Don't have Java yet Don't know how to clear DNS or Prefetch All problems remain. I replaced XP with Win7 one week ago. Can't find Admin acct.
  5. Help please, the PCPitstop Forums aren't working right for me. First: All the smileys have disappeared from the "reply" screen. The "post emoticoms" are still present, but only a small sliver of an icon is visible at the far left of the post emoticom window. I think it is a radio button, and it is clickable, but I don't know what it does. Second: After logging in, the Your Profile window opens and will not close. It obscures part of the search box, part of the RSS feed button, and maybe more. Third: On Login, "Remember Me" cannot be disabled. Loading the forums
  6. I support the government's authority to regulate privately owned property and commercial enterprises. Furthermore, I think that practically everyone does on some issue or to some extent. (Whether such regulation is done wisely is entirely another matter.) Forget for a moment that the issue is smoking and substitute another issue. Try civil rights. Is there anyone here who would argue that the government has no right to compel the integration of theaters, restaurants, hotels, etc? Substitute buiilding codes and fire safety codes. Is there anyone who would argue that property owners s
  7. That's great, IG. Thanks again. :rocks: :rocks:
  8. The good news is that everything works in IE, and everything works in Firefox if I disable the entire NoScript program. But, until I allowed googleapis.com (which had been forbidden, though I no longer know why), I couldn't set NoScript to allow PCPitstop. I don't understand what is going on, but hey, I've got the PCPitstop site running well, so I'm happy. Many thanks, IG. Now I've got a REAL gripe. Somebody didn't restore the Hook-em-Horns smiley to the list. This is an insult to all Texas Exes (alumni). First the Lone Star flag gets stolen, and then Hook-em-Horn
  9. Well, I took a screenshot, but now I can't figure out how to post it. (LOL) Compared to your screenshot, I am missing all the emoticons to the right of the text box. I am missing all of the styles/features above the text box. I am missing the "Attachments" section below the text box. And, I don't have a peace sign, either. The only clue I have is the operation of NoScript. It is behaving strangely at this site. The icon above the clock has a forward slash through it, and is entirely black beneath the slash. Hovering over the icon produces a message that s
  10. I seem to be missing a few things. I don't have smileys ("enable emoticon" has been checked). I don't have the buttons for insert quote, insert jpg, insert url, etc. Any ideas?
  11. Hey, how did you get to be Chief Censor? Did someone die and leave you the post? Sentence 1 Just what is it that you disagree with, Joe? Are you contending that net neutrality is NOT a political issue? Sentence 2 There is never a need to post. I post because I want to. How about you? Sentence 3 Whether he replies or not, I think you should at least give him credit for knowing his own opinion. Sentence 4 Yes, and it was a political issue then, too. Sentence 5 I'm not responsible for the thread being in this forum--I didn't put it here.
  12. JoeC, whether you like it or not, it IS a political issue and there is nothing wrong with that. Politics is the means by which people in a democratic republic determine the laws by which they will live, and dicussions about those laws IS the proper place for politics. It is important for those who favor net neutrality to realize that it is a political issue. It is important that they make their voices heard, and that they express their desires to their representatives. Failure to do so will bring defeat. The ISP's know that it is a political issue, they are well funded, and they put t
  13. I hope that Tx will post his reasons for opposing net neutrality, but his position comes as no surprise. Republicans generally support corporate interests over consumer interests. Republicans supported the insurance companies on the health care issue. They are supporting Wall Street and the banks on the securities and banking reform issue. And, they will support the ISP's on the net neutrality issue. Excellent article adam22. Thanks. Net neutrality
  14. Okay Pilgrim. Does this help?
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