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  1. Nope, nothing wrong with brunettes, or blondes, or red-heads, or even blue-hairs--I love 'em all. But there is something wrong (inappropriate or ineffective might be a better word) about a 40 year-old woman trying to pass her self off as a 20 year-old race track queen. It's pathetic. Anybody remember Linda Vaughn?
  2. This year's Series was an incredibly exciting and dramatic ending for the 2011 season. Game Six will be remembered and discussed for years. Congratulations, Cardinals. Get 'em next year, Rangers.
  3. That time tunnel went pretty far to get to lindalou. Hope y'all are doing well.
  4. Amazing. Be sure to watch the ball girl's catch, too. There's a link at the end of ff2's clip.
  5. Boy, you've got some grandiose plan there, Bruce. Good luck with that.
  6. Congratulations, Sue and family.
  7. Jacee, I saved the picture of your front yard that you posted a couple of years ago. Such an explosion of color, it was truly beautiful. So, I know that your yard will come around this year, too. BTW, why do you keep your lillies in a kennel? Do they tend to run away?
  8. I found him--and Freddy the Freeloader, Osama Bin Laden, and Rush Limbaugh. Oh, and I found Jesus on my tortilla at lunch today. Creative, or delusional?
  9. That was the manager? Shades of Billy Martin.
  10. I thought it was funny, Tx. Any idea who it is?
  11. I was reading the manual recently, and the Marrantz 2270 weighs 38lbs. They damn sure don't build them like that anymore. Mine is still pushing the same old JBL36's (re-coned), and I have a Thorens TD160 that's just like the one in Bruce's pic.
  12. I still remember that when bacterozoid posted about a wiring problem, Volt offered to drive down and fix the problem for him. Volt deserves a lot of credit for making the Pitstop as successful as it is.
  13. This is the most heart-warming Christmas story that I've seen this year--it brought tears to my eyes. As we celebrate His birthday, it is good to remember Jesus' commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself.
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