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  1. Its not hard to create a msn email address then use it purely for social networks, I did the same for face book, i dont use that email add for any other purpose than fb, i dont ever check that account for emails either.
  2. are you using the free version of 7, the RC? If you are then i wouldnt worry much as it is a beta version and wont be perfect. Also try using auslogics disk defrag its free and does a much better job.
  3. Like i mentioned before uv light kills algae, thats why they are used in pond filtration kits, Ive not changed the antifreeze in my cooling kit for a few months now, No algae! as for mixing your antifreeze with water WHY? F1 teams dont mix water with ther antifreeze because it does a much better job of cooling on its own.
  4. I notice that your drive needs a defrag, also the pit score is not the same every time, it goes up and down.
  5. thats not a really noticable difference, all i can suggest is checking that your running at full power in win7's power options.
  6. 100% antifreeze= no algae Edit: a couple of uv lights will also stop the algae probs.
  7. Im not sure but dont them saphires slow down a bit when they start to get hot?
  8. Oh dear, I hope it didnt cost too much kram and i hope you have no probs sending it back, I decided to stop buying stuff like that off ebay a while ago, when i ordered a mobo that turned up doa, and the sellers response (There was nothing wrong with the bios when i shipped the item so it must have gone bad in the post) and further to that (No im not giving you your money back i get a lot of ppl like you trying to rip me off) and further response after i made a dispute with paypal who refunded my money (you just ******* wait im gonna sew you for every peney you have, or i might just come down
  9. If you only have the one drive i cant see why ur computer man only used 34Gb for the windows partition, the files you can safely move across would be all your personal files like vids music pictures all that stuff, to make windows save them to D: you will need to create folders on that drive and create shortcuts for them, also when saving files if you save them to D: windows should remember your choice and save them there in the future. If it were me id take it back to the computer guy and ask him if he can repartition the drive maybe 50/50.
  10. Have you actualy got 2 diff drives or just one with 2 partitions?
  11. If you wait a little longer on the new test explorer will resume, it may seem like its stop but it hasnt, as for thinking you have faulty mem have you run windows mem test from the dvd?
  12. Yea it seems to be happening alot lately.
  13. ive never used max registry cleaner but i used to use auslogics boost speed b4 switching to linux and it used to do a fantastic job of keeping my computer clean also fixing registry errors.
  14. ??? Dont make sense really does it. I cant be QDR as it just dont add up, could be a software error, I would run 3dmark and compare the results with some others.
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