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    Dell Vostro 1500 120 GB SATA HD, Inlet Core2Duo T5470 @ 1.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM TSST Corp 8x RW+- DVD
  1. Thanks. I read that somewhere else too, but that also doesn't work.
  2. $25 ?? I thought they would be around $100. It's a Dell laptop so I dont know if others will even fit. Which Internal DVD drive would be compatible with my system (Dell Vostro 1500, Intel Core2Duo Processor, [email protected] Ghz). thanks/
  3. I am using a Dell Vostro 1500 Laptop with TSST Corp DVD Drive. I am vey near to giving up an ordering a new Drive, but I don;t want to . Also, I am out of the warranty period. I have tried to explain the problem. Please, pretty please help me ! 1) All of a sudden the DVD Drive stopped working. 2) The yellow light on DVD drive is constantly flashing. 3) The eject button is dead. 4) Used a hairpin to open it. Inserted a CD and pushed the tray back. 5) The comp is slow to reboot and to work. Every now and then the mouse pointer with a small symbol for a CD comes up, like it's trying to read it. 6) In My Computer, the CD Drive seems to be empty, but can not open it using right-click explore. 7) Checked the device manager and no yellow exclamation mark in front of DVD/CD Drives. Please let me know soon if you have heard/seen anything like this. What should I do? AniSurfer.
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