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    Acer Aspire Laptop 1640z Windows XP sp 1&2.

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  1. Hi - I hope you can help as my ISP cannot. I'm not very pc literate so pls bear with me. My laptop - Acer 1640mz had to have windows xp re-installed. Since then I have been unable to connect to internet, My ISP is virgin. I have cable broadband- permanently on. O.s. is windows xp pro Browser is Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5 I have tried the following - switching off modem, leaving for 5mins, powering back on and again leaving for 10 mins before trying. All lights come on as usual. Pinging ISp provider returns all packets ok. ISP helpline says there is nothing wrong with the connection. They have confirmed LAN settings are correct. I have re-installed firefox Same problem if I use I.E. Please can you help? - be gentle with me - not good with computers so pls expain in simple language. Jez
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