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  1. Sorry mme, I'm not being mean, but from your replies it sometimes seems like you don't actually read my responses and/or questions. As far as checking my Zone Alarm, is there another person in this forum who would know how to check it for earthlink? Would uninstalling it and reinstalling it do any good? I hesitate to use Windows firewall because I have never heard or read anything good about it. Seems like everyone says it isn't very good and zone alarm is supposed to be much better, I searched a lot about this before deciding which one to use. I've mentioned several times that th
  2. After doing the above and showing my hidden files and folders, I did some searching of my computer for the word 'earthlink'. I searched in several different ways to try to find everything. 1) Did a search of Program Files C:;D: for "a word or phrase in the file:" (earthlink) and this is what was found----- ---TrueSwitch.log C:\Program Files\TrueSwitch ---AdAware-log 01-04-2004 00-20-39.txt C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-aware 6\Logs (There were 100 of these files.....all dates were from 2003 to 2006) This is strange because I no longer have Ad-aware on
  3. Something else new has just started happening................... sometimes when I go to my browser's home page ( yahoo.com), it comes up as 'm.yahoo.com' is something redirecting my browser? It has only happened a few times today and only with my Firefox browser. My Opera and IE browsers are ok. I checked the tab when I put in the page I want the browser to open up to and it still says 'yahoo.com'.
  4. I wish I knew how to do that quote thing you do so I could enter my respones where needed.................. Anyway, I could only go so far in doing your instructions so I need to know what to do now. I was able to do: 1) Delete this as you said, (although my computer has the 'Programs' under 'Internet Options') .....Add-Ons that have been used by Internet Explorer highlight Pcpitstop utilityby clicking on it....... 2). Delete this as you said ......Downloaded Activex control highlight Pcpitstop utilityby clicking on it 3) But, there was nothing called 'p
  5. Well, my calculator is back and my IE browser seems to be working fine so those two problems are taken care of, hopefully. BUT, the other problems are back and still here. 1) My computer has slowed to a 'c r a w l' again. It takes '15 minutes' for my computer to start up and get to the point where I can try to open my browser. Then it takes '3-4 minutes' to fully open the browser. Then, when I want to go to a web page (any web page), it takes '1-2 minutes' for the page to load and sometimes they don't load, they just 'hang' and I have to refresh the page, sometimes several times t
  6. Hi FOUND IT !!!! On the new IE icon browser that you had me put on my computer, I found the 'work offline' under 'File', not under 'Tools'. It was checked so I unchecked it and it now connects to the internet! (How did it get checked????) I tried my old IE icon and it also works now. So which one should I keep on my desktop??? Should I just right click and delete the one I don't keep? ------------------------------------------------------- I do not know if a new restore point ever got set or not. In Juliet's post #68 at http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?show...64847&
  7. Well, I did the calc.exe thing in the run command box and it said it couldn't find it. So then I did the C:\WINDOWS\system32 thing in the run command box and there was no calc.exe. It brought up a long, long, long list of things, some with icons, but there was no calc.exe. My calculator has vanished. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I also put green check in the internet explorer box and clicked apply or ok, followed the prompts. and it put another IE icon on my desktop, but that same thing happens whe
  8. Was I supposed to put a green check in the box for internet explorer? Sorry, I didn't realize you wanted me to do that. You only asked me if there was a check there. What do I do after I check it? ------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't quite understand some of the instructions about the calculator----- What does this mean-------'to add calculator """"back navigate your way to system 32"""""(?) And, do you mean that I should put ""C:\WINDOWS\system32"" into the run command box??? "Start Run copy this and paste it in the run com
  9. No, there is no check by Internet Explorer, nor at any of the other things listed. ------------------------------------------------- Another thing I have noticed is that the calculator that used to be on my computer is GONE!!! I KNOW it was there because I have used if fairly often. Now it is gone and when i try to access it through the Help section, I can't access it. It just gives a list of things that could be wrong----- "This program could not startThe operating system could not start this program. This may happen if: Your computer is on a network. If a system adminis
  10. HI, That didn't fix it. My IE browser is still the same, won't connect/offline message. When I did that hosts file thing and clicked on 'restore original ms hosts', it just sat there and nothing happened. I'm just curious as to whether there should have been some window opening up ro something telling me that the process was done??
  11. when i tried to download the hosts file, i got a page that says --- "Welcome to www.funkytoad.com! Unfortunately we can't process your request because it simply doesn't exist. You can head to the Home Page: www.funkytoad.com or Go directly to the ZonedOut page: --ZonedOut-- or were you looking for HostsXpert the Hosts file editor? : --HostsXpert-- or perhaps Homer, the most excellent localhost webserver found here: --Homer-"
  12. something new, and crazy, just happened!!! I was just using IE when I tried to run that test, and then I went to check my email, but, 'ALL OF A SUDDEN" it no longer works!!!!! IE is not longer connected to the internet!! When I tried to log in to check my email it tells me that my cookies are disabled and my IE browser says it is 'working offline'!!! But I "AM" connected to the internet and my signal is excellent. And, I can use my firefox and Opera browsers just fine. And, when I went through the steps IE said to check to enable cookies.............they 'are' enabled!!!
  13. I re-registered using a different email address and password and that worked. But, the same thing is still happening that was happening when I tried to run the tests while I was in the spyware forum.................. The test gets as far as "Performance/Testing 3D Video" and brings up that microsoft message that says 'IE has encountered an error.....sorry for inconvenience...........'don't send/send'. No matter which I click, send or don't, it shuts my browser down. What can I do to run the tests?
  14. Hi, I can't run the test. When I log in it just takes me back to this same sign in page. I am using IE and I know my log in info is correct and even checked it by having it sent to my email address. ???
  15. Hi, I am coming for help here from the spyware forum where I received excellent help. I just need to get my computer running the way it should now and get all settings set for maximum security. Here are some of my issues: 1) I had to go back to an early restore point so I don't know how much that matters, but that is when some of these things changed.....like the black border around the edge of my screen. It makes the white background of site appear gray and makes it nearly impossible to view pictures/photos. I tried changing the screen resolution and nothing happens. 2)
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