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  1. Hmm. Thanks for the info everybody. I am still having that problem with AD.
  2. I have looked at that gpo issue site from microsoft, but I have already deleted and recreated the policy I made for the software deployment. I'm not sure if I see on their site about software deployment. One company we were looking at is SpecOps. Any opinions on them?
  3. Doug, 1. The users that login to the workstation are students with restricted privledges and cannot install software but when I log in with my domain admin account the software pushout still does not work. 2. Yes I have backup images. 3. I would say we are a decent sized school district with about 1250 devices ranging from laptops, desktops, and now tablets are coming into the mix. Considering it is just me and my boss managing all of these devices we have been trying to find the best software management utility out there, that would be in our districts price range. The problem with find
  4. I was not arguing with anybody badbinary and I'm sorry you took it that way. I was dead serious in that question. The domain controllers are a mix of windows 2008 and windows 2003. The main controller is 2003 though. The client pcs are windows xp pro and windows 7.
  5. I don't understand why the server version, client os version,or what software it is matters? I have already done similar google searches. Here is part of the userenv.log file if it may help any..... USERENV(3a8.fb8) 10:46:03:677 IProfileSecurityCallBack: RpcBindingInqAuthClient failed with 534 USERENV(3d4.8dc) 10:46:03:693 UnLoadUserProfile: Calling DropClientToken took exception. error 5 USERENV(3d4.8dc) 10:46:03:693 UnLoadUserProfile: Calling DropClientContext failed. err = 5 USERENV(3a8.3ac) 10:49:37:765 CUserProfile::CleanupUserProfile: Ref Count is not 0 USERENV(3a8.3ac) 1
  6. I am trying to use group policy to push out software to client pc's. My software is in the msi file format and I believe I have the correct permisions to the share and the correct security. I have an appmgmt.log file wit the last part of the file being this. Can anybody tell me what this means? CSTORE: Bind attempt returned error code 80040169. Cannot bind to the Active Directory to enumerate applications, error code 80040169. Failed to apply changes to software installation settings. Software changes could not be applied. A previous log entry with details should exist. The error w
  7. Hey thanks for the input. We just created a reservation in dhcp by the mac address and that fixed it. Thanks for the help!!
  8. Does anybody have any experience with getting a kindle touch to connect to wi-fi on a windows server 2003 domain? I keep trying and failing. I have to get 20 of these on the internet and they won't connect. I have numerous laptops that are able to connect to our network and ipads but these kindles won't... Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!
  9. I would have to log onto over 750 computers on the domain and do that. I'm sorry but I need a script or a batch file I can push out..
  10. I never did turn it on either, but I have a large domain and I can't push out our newly purchased Symantec endpoint 12 to the client pcs without that service being on.
  11. I am not too familar with writing vb scripts and batch files but I was wondering if anybody could help me write either or to push out the option to have remote registry set to automatic and started upon startup. It needs to work on both windows xp and windows 7. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  12. We have manually put the correct number in the internet settings, proxy server key and also deleted all of the keys in the connections folder but the keys keep regenerating themselves with the wrong address. We have the internet explorer settings already set to what you recommended also... The method of brute force isn't a bad idea but this would be quite the task for us with about 750 pc's with this problem....Is there a way in active directory or group policy to set permissions to specific registry keys? We are trying to find the source of this old address but currently are unable to do so..
  13. These are not virus Proxy settings. We updated our proxy server years ago and these are our old proxy server numbers. Not virus related...
  14. I am having a problem with old proxy server settings getting recreated under the registry key: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Connections. How are they keys created? Are they created on login or by group policies of internet explorer??? When you delete the keys they eventually come back with the same old settings. This problem lies in Windows 7 and Windows XP and these settings are stopping Symantec Endpoint clients from updating to the server. Any input would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks!!
  15. No threats came back on that scan! Thanks for your help. the pc is running a whole lot better now. Thanks again!!!
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