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  1. Since it's on a cd and has been put in vcd I have different folder like cdi, ext, mpegav, segment and finally vcd. If I look in mpegav I see the movie but it does not give the format. Like I said since it's already in vcd format there is little I can do except to find someting (anything) that can correct the upside down problem while the movie is playing and I try ffdshow but I don't think it's a codec problem. The problem occur when my friend burn it in vcd format
  2. I have nimo codec pack and when i right click on the file it only say VCD Wrapper Anyway if I didn't had the good codec it should be playing at all isn't it true ?
  3. There is a problem! When I go to properties I only see 1) default direct sound devise 2) mpeg audio decoder 3) mpeg video decoder ???? I already have dx9 !
  4. Hey I've download it but I can't find the option to flip the image in preferences (were is it). It still play upside down !
  5. Thanks a lot! I tell you if it work!
  6. x5dr can you give me a good player that can do it ?
  7. Hi everyone ! My friend burn me a movie (vcd) with Nero and the image is upside down (sound is good). I know there is a problem with nero to convert avi to mpeg and sometime this problem can show up! Since I don't care to watch the movie on my pc, I open it with wmp ver 9 and try to check the invert image option but could not find it! Does somebody know a program that actually can flip the image 90 degree? No I won't put my screen upside down Thanks in advance
  8. If it was that easy they could do it against Bush or why not Jean Chretien ! 2 millions would be nice
  9. What look... he's always look like that ! Go UN !
  10. I'm just curious, did you make a clean install of your driver ?
  11. Canadian whisky and maple syrup liqueur - 30% alc./vol Even better! http://www.sortilege.ch/sortilege_en.html
  12. I know he doesn't speak for every american but he could at least remember what we have done ! http://www.globeandmail.com/special/attack...0915_a14_1.html
  13. Hey Volt and Hulk you should come to my place and drink our specialty it's very very good ! http://www.sortilege.ch/sortilege_en.html
  14. Bravo Bruce la maitrise de la langue francaise n'a plus de secret pour vous ! (Bravo Bruce you have master french there is no more secret for you !)
  15. we could have a good time under my bed Donna !
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