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  1. Hi. I'm not sure if I'm in the correct forum for this, if not I apologize. I need to cancel my subscription to the product named Optimize 2.0 I have used it for a year, with satisfaction. However, I do NOT want the product after the full year. The program itself, as well as an e-mail, has notified me that on 2009-01-24 the subscription will re-new itself. I have tried going to the PC Pitstop site to click anything, any link that would lead me to something that would allow me to cancel this. There is nothing of the sort, maybe I'm blind. So here I am putting my problem out there on these forums. I am hoping that someone who works for the company will see this and help me out. The thing is even if I wanted to renew the subscription for the program, I don't have the money. I can't afford this. So what I am trying to avoid here is getting charged for a program I no longer want, THEN my bank will charge me more money for having insufficient funds. I was more well off, money-wise, a year ago than I am today. Life happens. Either way, will someone PLEASE help me out here. I do not want to pay $50+ (29.99 for Optimize 2.0 and however much my bank is going to ream me for)..for a program I no longer use. I've already gone into your customer support section and had a frustrating time. I do not have the order ID from a year ago. I did have it saved in my e-mail account and I no longer have it; because like a dolt I deleted every message in every folder for a fresh start, because I had thousands of saved e-mails. I figured I would not need anything that old. How wrong I was. So please tell me I am not going to be charged $29.99 to auto-repurchase this program because I can't recall an order ID number from a previous purchase.
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