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  1. Auto Fix: On Auto Reboot: On Skip Pre-Scan Options: On Rated Bandwidth: Unknown<1 Mbps1-3Mbps3-6Mbps6-10Mbps>10 Mbps Drives to Scan: E:\ScanDefragC:\ScanDefrag ALL EMPTY I Defrag with the MS7 defrag E drive is my old back up Type of Disk Optimization: Skip defrag Malware Scan: Quickscan Type of Malware Clean: Viruses and pests Fix Malware: On Scan Benchmarks: On Update Drivers: On This is how I have the options box set up. Have I done it correctly? The pay I was referring to the Driver Alert. It was when I tried to update the drivers from PC Matic it all happened. For some reason it was not responding. That is when I tried to contact PC and that failed too. But as I said every thing is working fine now. I will wait until I see if any more drivers require updating and see what happens then. Thank you for the response Keith
  2. Only a few days ago PC Matic advised me that my Intel Drivers required updating. That I liked Now the fun started no matter what I done I could not get to the site to do the update. Then to top it off I could not contact the PC service dept at all. Now I am not happy. Next step I run the Driver Alert2. It told me the same thing I needed a update. Good, happy again Next thing it tells me I have to pay about US$29 to get the updates now NOT HAPPPY AT ALL. So off to Mr Google that was like a minefield but I think I worked it out I ended downloading 4 updates. Here is my question why should a "Paid" user of PC Matic have to pay more??? If that is the case for some reason or other why is it not included in the cost of PC Matic as a extra (at a cheaper price) or pay the full price if purchased it separately. If it makes a difference that when I run Driver and at one click it starts down loading the correct update. I dont want to go through a page of this and that to make sure I am downloading the correct product. Keith
  3. has not set their status

  4. WOW it looks fantastic and very easy to read for us oldies with eye problems. Worth the wait. Keith
  5. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/283673 Have a look here if this does not work contact MS for help. Keith
  6. Is your XP compatible with IE8 I upgraded to W7 because I had problems with IE8 when I had XP Home. Keith
  7. Have you tried to contact Sony. They have a fantastic service in Aust Keith
  8. This might sound stupid but have you tried to contact MS and see what they have to say. Keith
  9. IntelGuy I do a full house clean once every week including "above" Keith
  10. 'kirazi' I have had the same problem for some time IntelGuy has helped me a lot to sort this problem out. For some reason W7 64 bit has a problem with that "defrag" I have also been told W7 have a Betta Service pack 1 as there are several other known problems. I have removed the "defrag" when I run the PC Matic. Now here is the funny part. MS Defrag tells me I only have 1% fragmented and it brings it back to 0% The figures from PC were some where around Total 10.93 Data 45.2 After running a weekly MS Defrag the figures area were Total 5.93 Data 27.17 The next night only the PC Matic Total 6.23 Data 28.37 This follows the same pattern it will increase very minimal then the next MS defrag it goes down again. I have given up worrying about it. MS defrag weekly and that is I started keeping a record a few weeks ago just to see what happens. PC Matic is working perfectly in every other aspect. Keith
  11. I think there has been a great misunderstanding here. I was certainly not even suggesting that this site was posting any suspect sites. You would know as as any one there is a lot of junk out there and my suggestion was to check with a specialist site. Certainly there is nothing wrong in looking here first. I personally would select a few programs you are interested in and then get them checked out. Regardless of cost you must also admit some are better that others. I know of one paid Security site is far worse than many free ones. Keith
  12. http://issviews.com/forum/ This is a reasonably new site and specialises in computer security I strongly suggest you have a look there first before you even think of down loading any so called free programs. There is one or more so called free one out there that dump so called problems on your computer then charge you to remove them BE WARNED I have just installed Kaspersky 2010 For just under Aust $50 for two years if you work that on a day by day cost its less than a Cup of Coffee a day. Keith
  13. astros Look at it this way compare the cost of fixing up a problem that could have easily been fixed by PC Matic. If you break it down its just a whisker over $1.00 per week. In Aust that would be less than 1/3rd of a cup of coffee Personally I consider it money well spent. Also remember the service you get with it as well. Keith
  14. Hello IntelGuy I moved the slider to 1% which equaled 3614MB I ran PC Matic and I have moved from the bottom 23% to the Bottom 25% The defrag seems to be working fully now too I also run Adobe and I think this keeping the score down low. When I switch to MS 7 and the latest IE. I cannot at the moment my Security program does not accept either of these I will be upgrading to another Security company and a few bits and pieces of hardware. Thank you for all your help in these matters it was appreciated. Keith
  15. Hello IntelGuy Thank you again, I have just printed that out You must be getting tired of me by now, and I would not blame you. Not the best at maths these days I have a 300Gb hard drive what MB and or percentage should I set the sliding scale to? Am I correct in thinking that if the sliding scale is set to the correct /best percentage eg 2% once it goes beyond that the old restored bits just drop off to keep the scale at 2%. I have noticed a few changes since I have down loaded PC Matic after the problems I was having. To keep things seperate I will open a new topic "Defragmentation has changed after PC Matic reinstallation " Keith
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