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  1. This is a quite well-argued topic. I started a thread pointing out how bad it was, in my personal opinion. http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=61499 As you will see, people can think quite differently. If you need the best protection from hackers, use ZoneAlarm. If you want built-in Windows functionallity, use the SP2 Firewall.
  2. The reason that they would have to send it to HP is that OEM Manufacturers (Gateway, Dell, HP, etc.) use parts and operating systems that are only compatible with each other. The OS that is bundled with your computer, for example, assuming it is a "recovery disk," will only work with the brand of computer that it is bundled with. The OEM has a small circuit in the mobo that identifies it as "HP" or "Gateway." Then, if the OS detects that it isn't a "HP" motherboard, it does not work. It's annoying, yes. It is a rip-off for you, yes.
  3. There are advantages to both types. LCD has a native resolution, so changing it from that makes it less clear. They also have a bit of a slower refresh rate. It is really up to your needs.
  4. It could be a faulty power supply. Have the computer shop test it with a tray power supply. Note that if they diagnose it as a dead Mobo, you will have to send it to HP... and a new Mobo will cost near $150 from them. Note a mobo you buy from a computer store costs about $60 for a halfway decent one, like the AN35N-Ultra...
  5. I would, but running Dial-Up, I don't want to spend 2 hours downloading an update. I just can't tie up my phone line for that long. (Besides, I am running the world's worst ISP: AOL.)
  6. As far as I am concerned, SP2 has very little effect on programs. I have, however, experienced two problems, one of which is somewhat strange, and the other may not be an SP2 problem at all. 1. On my first install of SP2, some programs (Rise of Nations, etc.) refused to start, claiming the computer was set on 256-color mode, when it was at 32-bit. After uninstalling, it worked. Bored one day, I reinstalled SP2 and it all worked fine. Interesting. 2. Nero Burning ROM 6 has problems burning some CDs when SP2 is installed. Maybe it's just me.
  7. I dunno. I got a computer built on only $406... Of course, I was also using AMD processors... "More Bang for the Buck." It seems that if you want your computer to be stable, not a screamer, you won't need a 3.0Ghz system... Save a few bucks, go with a slightly lower-end processor, and upgrade your video card... The three most important things for stability are, in order: 1. CPU 2. RAM (Very, VERY important) 3. Cooling (Important, even on normally clocked systems.)
  8. FYI this should have gone in the Viruses/Spyware forum... Anyhow, I would advise, in order to keep ALL of your files (Okay, the ones that the virus didn't kill off) you should boot up in to Linux (Red Hat, Knoppix, Yellow Dog, Mandrake... I am thinking of making my own dist... Called Mandrake Yellow Knoppix with a Red Hat) You can then save your files to a cheap flash drive.
  9. I think he means that if you were to find a movie that was made by someone and not copyrighted, and not a copy of copyrighted material, then it would be legal. KaZaa is perfectly legal, as long as you don't transfer data that you don't own.
  10. With nForce2 chipsets, they allow you to reset the BIOS settings (Including overclocking, underclocking, etc.) by doing the following: 1. Unplug power and leave it out for 30 seconds 2. Plug the power back in and hold the Insert key. Start the power 3. Keep holding the Insert key until it gets to the POST 4. Press Delete to to the BIOS settings. Configure everything as you need it. Even if your chipset is not an nForce2, try that anyway. It could be that several other manufacuters have adopted that idea. Anyhow, with the Video Acceleration problem, I find that an AMD driver update that you can get from Windows update can solve that issue. Could you post a test?
  11. I personally use Motherboard Monitor. IT tends to work pretty well, but you had better be ready to get technical, because it has a TON of options that you can change.
  12. I am not sure, but it may be possible that he got a boot-sector virus that is causing the problem. The Windows XP Pro "Quick Format," if I am not mistaken, simply erases any refrences to files on the disk, but doesn't really wipe them. Therefore, a full reformat may work.
  13. Make sure the driver for your IDE controller is installed on Windows. Due to annoying things with Windows, it will often disable "advanced" features until the latest drivers are on your computer. Try running Windows Update; they may have your driver.
  14. Mongo, there is no real option for it NOT to freeze up games when it blocks them. If the sub7 virus was trying to access the internet, you would want it to block it INSTANTLY, not in 20 seconds. In 20 seconds, it can already have the information hackers need out. A firewall will ALWAYS freeze up games when online and they haven't been trained to allow it through. Since it, for some reason cannot access the internet, the game has no real option but to freeze. It's trying to access the internet, and the firewall (If it is a good firewall, like most commercially avalible ones, it will block the program from doing just that.) What you are seeing is good. That means your firewall works. I believe that a firewall MUST be able to block all types of traffic in order to keep you and your computer safe.
  15. Well, I agree with many of your points. Mongo, you are correct. However, while you are connected, it doesn't help much to disconnect your internet. (It just died on me on my crappy dialup. ) Okay, yeah, I have dialup, but when I go over to friend's houses for LAN parties, I do have highspeed, and I'd rather hackers didn't go through my stuff. I don't know about you, but a firewall that only blocks outbound traffic doesn't seem like a very good firewall to me. The Sub7 virus, if I am not mistaken, installs, then sends out the information about the port it has opened for inbound connection. With a good firewall, such as ZoneAlarm, it never has that oppurtunity. The SP2 firewall, on the other hand, would not likely block it. Please do not give me "Well, they have a virusscan program installed." The sub7 virus changes all the time. Trust me there. Although I hate to admit it, there are some pretty smart hackers/virus programmers out there. Now, I agree ZoneAlarm is a "techie" program. I like it like that. That's just me, however. I am weird. It may be a bit of a resource hog, but I'd rather have that than a hacker attack. ZoneAlarm does have an online refrence to let you find what the program is that is attempting to access the internet. Yes, they should have a library of Windows programs, but they don't. What Microsoft should do is come up with some new "Digital Signing" thing that allows them to have the program signed and approved by Microsoft (Or another digital signing company) that allows it to bypass the outbound internet. Then, if the program changes and doesn't match the signature, then it would alert you of this, and have a few options, such as block, allow, or auto. The auto option may do something like contact a Microsoft server to see if an updated digital signature is avalible that matches the program. Now, don't worry about those small programs that can't get digitally signed. Windows would, slightly like ZoneAlarm, have a balloon or popup that would ask if you would like to allow it or block it. Of couse, that could get techie, so it's either that or you are not protected from as many hackers. I guess my point is that, unless something changes, you have the choice of being techie, or being unprotected. There is no middle ground. There is no middle ground.
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