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  1. I use Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector), which informs you of outdated software and/or software that has a security problem. It also points you to a solution if available. I was informed about Adobe Flash Player security issues by Secunia PSI, but I was unable to update successfully using the method delineated by Faith_Michele until I browsed the Secunia forum. Several general references (including this thread) advise you to shut down all browsers that might be using Flash Player. What Secunia doesn't tell you is that Secunia itself uses Adobe Flash Player, and that you can't
  2. For future use, I find it helpful to modify the subject line in e-mail that I receive in MS Outlook. Although the subject line is grey, it is not "grayed out". The subject line is editable. Simply open the received e-mail, place the cursor in the subject line, and make any needed changes. Click on the Save icon or on File/Save and you are done. This method probably works in all versions of Outlook and may work in Outlook Express Although I am sure I am not the first person to discover this, I did discover this "feature" on my own.
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