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  1. I am still very saddened that CC was pulled. It will be sorely missed by the security community. I have missed Robin and Paul, but it is time to move on. I am a castlecops refugee. I was a PIRT and SIRT handler. I chose a different username here to start something new as I had realized that CC was winding down. I am glad to read that some of the CC info was archived. I don't research malware much specifically, but learning about this sounds like good news. I hope the SIRT / MIRT and PIRT efforts can be duplicated somehow, but that would require a lot of work from the ground up
  2. Thanks, faith, for this link, I plan to listen to it when I get a chance.
  3. Nice, I clicked this for a worthwhile cause. Good board here, I hope to visit more often in the future to help.
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