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  1. maybe this os works well on new comps? did you even try it. it is still beta of course and adjustments needed goes without saying for most any beta. but heck it works great on my old Pentium 3 and mobile Atom 1.6hz much less a new computer. The performance comments can be believable as its quite a common comment across the net but naturally as a beta, its not the same for everyone and as with any OS. your hardware will vary your software experience.
  2. well if you never install any 3rd party drivers nor apps, you very rarely see problems. unfortunatly, you have to install drivers which typically is the main problem. Install xp,vista or w7 on a very simple basic system and use only what comes with the OS, its very durable Nvidia graphic card drivers alone is said to caused a pretty large percentage of Vista user issues, around 30% i think. one can only imagine that likely the vast rest % is other drivers or malware/3rd party software.
  3. or laptops. i have an MSI wind netbook (atom cpu) now i havnt tried to install vista to say for certain,but i know how Vista is on 1 gig alone anyway and W7 runs as good as XP on it. So i'm very certain its faster overall than Vista despite i cant tell at all on my main rig. i dont know what W7's official requirements will be, but runs on Pentium 3's 800mhz so thats something. i've read couple users using Pentium 2's with it. the only issue i have with it on my netbook is that W7 has pretty large footprint compared to XP.
  4. i'd be interested to see what particular sentence i typed led you to that conclusion. i'm all for improving my writing skills so others can comprehend. Let me clarify. Are you interested in how to build a sewing machine? i'm not so why would i make attempt to learn about it? its not about lazyness as someone pointed out. that was more or less, my point.
  5. 4537256

    What a shame!

    some Multi rails do in fact combine amp power when needed. i have a Tagen thats 4 rails and if power requires it can draw amps from another or all of them. so cespenar can look for this feature and i suggest this feature if you purchase multirail, which has advantages of its own compared to single.
  6. 4537256

    What a shame!

    and my friend has a very old emachine that never had a single problem. This really shouldnt be a warning to just emachine users, but virtually anyone with a computer. HP and Dell also have similar type warnings stated from various websites. they always take the grunt end of computer faults despite that all make computers that can be faulty, even a $6k NW Falcon? anways i always suggest buying the longest warranty one can afford when purchasing a computer. if used, then buyer beware.
  7. 4537256

    Don't yell!

    quartz can vibrate to sound frequency, so some kind of effect from sound is not really suprising at all
  8. 4537256

    Vista SP2

    i used amigaos for a long time at home before i finally grudingly gave it up for win98se. never really an issue with it but 98 was a crash king though the worst os i think i used as far as buggy was trsdos, but being a little kid at the time didnt help either. regardless, its MS's ballgame now, play by the rules or watch from the sidelines. though i have never had an issue with any of ms's SP's, yet.
  9. i dont think its hard to understand why someone doesnt read or try hard enough to learn to do something, its not really as simple as lazyness. If you want to really step in someone's shoes who doesnt want to learn. just ask yourself what kinds of things in life do you not want to learn and instead have someone else do it or never get it done at all? like a roof repair on a house or engine rebuild on a car, virtually most anything can be read about on the net or in a book/manual. As i'm sure all of us have come across several things in life here and there we could learn how to do, but arnt willing. Let's also not be hypocritical, i'm confident many of you have complained about something, someone else would deem as simple or irrelevant. its human nature i think.
  10. this whole decade has been nothing but remakes for the most part. especially the horror flicks. from the fog and damien omen, to friday the 13th. *sigh* call me old fashioned, but frankly i'm tired of towns full of nothing but college age kids in so many of these movies. makes the story seem far less plausable. Seems a 40 yr old with life experience is more likely to survive tragic horrors but thats me I did like pan's labrynth. wasnt happy go family type movie i expected, thank god. I dont watch much movies, i prefer tv sitcoms, discovery or history channel to any movie.
  11. the point of technology,hardware or software, is to make things easier, free or not, complaints are the same as a suggestion box, more or less. most of the time, someone sees the complaint, and thinks of an easier way to do it, a simple supply and demand. The point of computers for most people is to simply accomplish a task efficiently regardless of the OS in use.
  12. 4537256

    6 flavors of 7

    i dont think those type of users change OS's less it comes with their HP/Dell. lol. I'm awaiting the Asus T91, a touchscreen 9" netbook 1" thick, just 2 lbs, rumored to release with W7.
  13. 4537256

    6 flavors of 7

    read about it last weekend, only premium and pro will be typical off the shelves retail, ultimate will be limited availability but home premium will be chosen the most and preinstalled on most home oem computers. last one is a joke obviously, but true nonetheless lol
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