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  1. Happy Birthday Dad, miss you

  2. Nice day to go check out Kent Falls

  3. going to go out on a limb and say the Yankees might pull this one out... lol 12-0 in the first inning

  4. Google + invites available for anyone that wants to check it out

  5. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, had a great day

  6. In honor of New York Yankees Opening Day Thursday, put this as your status if you know someone who suffers from being a Red Sox Fan. Being a Red Sox Fan is a real disorder and should be taken seriously. There is still no known cure for Sox Fan and sympathy does not help, but we can raise awareness. 100% of Yankee fans will repost this, simply because we know how to copy and paste, as well as tie our shoes and win;)

  7. Honeymoon is booked :)

  8. Taxes filed... honeymoon planning in the works :)

  9. Amber passed her Basic Training class today, at the top of her class... of one ;)

  10. J-E-T-S... JETS! JETS! JETS!

  11. Rest in Peace Dad, Richard Wilson (10/24/44 - 12/17/10)Dad we'll always remember that special smile, that caring heart, that warm embrace, you always gave us.You being there for Mom and us through good and bad times, no matter what. We'll always remember you Dad because they'll never be another one to replace you in our hearts, and the love we will always have for you.

    1. Bruce


      Mike I am so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.

  12. just sent in an application to adopt a dog

  13. Back home from the wedding and mini-moon :)Many pictures to share soon

  14. Dual countdowns today...10 Days until wedding!1 Day until new job.

  15. It's finally official.... I start work next week!!!Will be working for the City of Waterbury as an I.T. Specialist.And it only took 2 years and 1 month since being laid off.

    1. duanester


      fantastic, once you have all the backed up bills payed off' dump as much money as possible into a retirement fund and live life happily, after two years waiting' no one deserves the job more than you, congrats man :)

  16. was the Facebook fan of the day on Fox 61 News this morning, was nice seeing Kristie Meeker and myself on tv, on the anniversary of our 1st date :)

  17. Had a very good interview this morning at Waterbury City Hall, odds are better than they have been anywhere else... 4 interviewees, 2 open positions

    1. duanester


      goodluck radio, municipal jobs rock :)

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