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  1. What would you recommend instead of McAfee?
  2. Is there a possibility that the virus/spam/spyware programs in Spyware Doctor are slamming up against the same programs in McAfee, causing incredible slowness or eventual corruption/crash? Years ago, on our first computer, unbeknownst to us, we had Norton AV and McAfee Security running concurrently, which eventually crashed the hard drive. Do I need to be concerned about similar problems with Spyware Doc & McAfee running at the same time? I used to run AdAware and Spybot also and was told by a Dell tech that it was overkill and a space hog. IOW should I use one spyware/malware program (McAfee OR Spyware Doc)? Should I put all my security eggs in McAfee and lose Spyware Doc?
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