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  1. I have a Nitro 5 (AN515-53-52FA-US Model)and do Twitch streaming by myself and I use Mpow 071 USB/3.5mm headset which works fine so far. I can hear the game playing and the video can record what I say on the mic. I want to include another person and want to figure out best option on adding another headset. I want a set up where each person can hear what the other person is saying trough the headset while still be able to listen to the game that is playing. I tried this before but the outcome was not as desired. For example - on my headset I can hear myself and the whatever application is running, but the other headset can only hear me (my mic) and not the application is running. I can not hear the other head sets mic. I messed around with setting and was able to get both headsets able to hear each other's mic but not the application running. Both headsets are connected trough USBI normally use OBS but have used Wirecast before. Any suggestions?
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