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    Compaq 5070, Win98 SE, 4GB HD, 256MB RAM, Rage128 video.
  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I have downloaded UBuntu onto a CD. I don't think it is self booting. I have two HD drives C,D. Would I be able to install in on my D drive without affecting C ? Thanks!
  2. Just an old fogie, I use my computer for the same purposes as when I bought it in 1999. I do not do photographics or other media challenges that demand high speed and large storage. I use email, read the news and forums, look at my financial accounts, search for information and word-process. I can do this well with my old Compaq 5070 and Win98 SE. Certain influential software vendors, besides Microsoft, no longer consider my needs. Adobe is an example. Its flash players no longer work well on my system. I am told to upgrade! My response is to avoid web-sites that do not welcome me and my old computer. Why, I ask, should I spend over $500 on a new computer that has only a Vista op sys, especially now that I have read Vista has its problems? For years, I have had to download fixes to Windows 98. I do not wish to buy a huge op sys, Vista, that requires me to have more hardware by a factor of 10 or more in size and speed. I resent software companies and websites that do not support my old computer. You may say: that is the price of progress. Well, I don't consider it progress when my needs have not changed, and I am told I must go to a computer with 3GHz CPU, 3GB RAM and a 250GB HD. If you want to sell me a new computer for email and for my other limited uses, think like a good engineer: economically! Sell the supercomputers to NASA not to me!
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