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    Toshiba laptop. Windows Vista Home edition 32 bit. 200GB HD. 3GB Ram. AMD Turion TL-60 2.00 GHz CPU
  1. Okay, I'll get the compressed air and try to keep it clean. Should I used the compressed air while the computer is running, or when it is off? Oh, and by the way, the heat is coming out from the vent on the side of the laptop. Will that make a difference in which cooling pad to get?
  2. Anyone have any ideas on a good cooling pad? I was looking at this one http://www.amazon.com/Antec-Notebook-Coole...1739&sr=8-1 but one of the reviews said that before you buy this product ensure that your computer exhausts the hot air to the bottom of the computer and not the sides or back. How do I know what mine is? There is some kind of a fan on the bottom but also there is a vent on the side
  3. It's model number A305D-56848 I think. I just used my mouth to blow it out and now it's running in the high 40s so that must have been the problem.
  4. what would be the best way to clean the ventilator?
  5. Well, it's plugged in but it also had the battery in it so if the power cord was bad or something it should still work off the battery. When we lose power it works fine like that. It's a Toshiba Satelite that I got last summer. Do the temps seem hot to you? I don't know what they should be at
  6. I read that this can be caused by overheating so I downloaded something to tell me the CPU temp Core #0: 78 C and the load on it is in between 0% and 5% Core #1: 82 C and the load on this is in between 5% and 20% depending on if I'm using IE or not. The bottom of the laptop feels quite hot in places. I alwasy keep it up off my desk so that there is air flow under it
  7. My laptop has been crashing lately. It's just like the power cord has been pulled. Any ideas on what might cause this? I haven't really changed anything recently that might have caused this
  8. WOW, thanks for the tip!! That freed up a butt load of disc space! However, it didn't end up allowing windows to defragment all the way. After dumping the old restore points I ran ccleaner and went to defragment. At that point I had 160.4GB of free space. After the defrag I had 156GB of free space. I have no idea why the disc space would decrease like that. Then I went back on to pcpitstop and did the test again and it said I have 29% fragmentation
  9. I haven't been able to get my hard drive to defrag all the way. I did a pitstop scan and it said it was 37% fragmented. I then used the windows vista defragmenting tool and re scanned and got the same message. I then downloaded piriform defragger and ran it and then re ran the pitstop scan and still had the 37% fragmentation. So I restarted my computer in safe mode and tried to run the windows vista defragger but it wouldn't start. So I ran the Piriform defragger in safe mode instead and it still didn't fully defrag but now when I do a pitstop scan it says it's 27% fragmented. A bit better but I still want it fully defragged
  10. No need to do anymore. Now that I'm using Symphony instead of Ubuntu I've got my resolution where I want it! It was very easy to do with that OS!
  11. Yeah, I rebooted with my VGA cable again but it went back to the way it was before. I have officially given up on Ubuntu. I'm going to try some other versions of Linux and see what happens. I installed Symphonyone and it is amazing so far! It's quite a stunning looking OS and it's VERY easy to run. The resolution isn't right on it either but at least it sees the video card and sees that I have a monitor which is more than Ubuntu did. It lets me change the screen resolutions all over the place but I still haven't bee able to have my 1280x768 yet. But at least it's not that crappy low resolution junk from before
  12. yeah, i just miss typed. i want it to be 1280x768. just to much typing today lol
  13. I just tried something else and I wanted to post it in case it tells someone something. I don't have a dvi cable but I had an s-video cable so I used that to hook up my monitor just to see what would happen. As the startup loading bar screen was on there was another little thing down in the bottom right corner that said something about loading drivers. I couldn't read it very good because the clarity of it wasn't great with the s-video. It took about 5 minutes, way longer than it normally does. Then after that was finished I got a NVIDIA splash screen which didn't ever come up when using VGA cable. Once it logged in it was set at a higher resolution and gave me quite a few other resolution options but not the 1880x768 I need. Like I said before, the quality wasn't very good with the s-video. I've never gotten s-video cable to produce a good picture on a computer so I expected that much. Anyway, I didn't know if any of this would tell anyone anything that might help so I thought I'd post it
  14. I edited it like you said and restarted and now it's just exactly like it was before. no changes at all. I still can't change from the crappy low resolution
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