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  1. Yes, please close this topic. I never could get the tests to run until I did the old tests so everything is ok. There was nothing startling anyway. My biggest problem is with the internet slow down compared to 2 weeks ago. I purchased and used Optimizer2 and it didn't make any difference either
  2. Thanks for responding. I decided to try the "old test" and was successful with that so maybe I am just caught in the changing format right now where the new optimize test won't work. How do I close this question down so no one else responds. Many thanks. KC
  3. I have run the pc pitstop tests in the past but this time it will not run. I've scanned for spyware and adware, I've gone through the troubleshooting page, not sure how to use the debugging but I tried. Can you be of any assistance, thanks.
  4. We are still on dial up to get on to the internet and probably will be for as long as we live here. My connection is at 24 kb and that used to be ok but recently I noticed when I open the status box for the connection information I see that is says "compression" sent 17% and "compression" received 2%.Does anyone out there understand this and can I change it because it seems to slow things down? Thank you
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