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  1. what is happening is you are getting a "BSOD" (blue screen of death) and it is restarting instead of showing you the msg follow these steps to see the msg 1.)start menu right click on my computer and select properties 2.) go to advanced then startup and recovery 3.) make sure that automatically restart is not checked now when/if it happens again you will be able to see the error code it is giving you the error is most likely related to either ram, a expansion card, or being caused by a virus if you get the error again let us know and we will try to help more
  2. this is a very common problem that i see quite often You can try this trick - It might work - But, only if this is the root cause of your problem: Many third-party programs that control CD or DVD burning (as well as some player applications) install CD- or DVD-ROM filter device drivers into Windows. These filter drivers are meant to allow for low-level hooks into the hardware, to allow for functions such as packet writing (where a CD-R/W or DVD-/+RW can be written incrementally, like a hard disk). How CD/DVD issues can occur These filter drivers sometimes have problems that can cause the CD or DVD drive to stop working correctly. The device entry for the CD or DVD drive in the Device Manager may show up with an error descriptor that reads "The device could not start." Additionally, there may be an error message that reads "One of the filter drivers for this device is invalid." The devices themselves do not show up in Explorer. Error codes for the device include code 31, code 32, code 19 or code 39, and sometimes the even more ominous warning "Your registry might be corrupted" appears. Fixing the CD/DVD problem simply involves deleting the filter entries for the third-party device drivers. These entries can sometimes become damaged (which is what produces the "corrupt registry" warning). How to fix CD/DVD issues First Backup the registry. Step 1: Start Registry Editor type "regedit" in the Start Run box. Step 2: Delete the UpperFilters registry entry 1. In Registry Editor, expand My Computer, and then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. 2. Expand SYSTEM, and then expand CurrentControlSet. 3. Expand Control, and then expand Class. 4. Under Class, click {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}. 5. In the details pane of Registry Editor, on the right side, click UpperFilters. Note You may also see an UpperFilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click UpperFilters only. * If you see the UpperFilters registry entry in the details pane of Registry Editor, go to step 6. * If you do not see the UpperFilters registry entry, you still might have to remove the LowerFilters registry entry. To do this, go to "Step 3: Delete the LowerFilters registry entry." 6. On the Edit menu, click Delete. 7. Click Yes when you receive the following message: Are you sure you want to delete this value? The UpperFilters registry entry is removed. Step 3: Delete the LowerFilters registry entry 1. In the details pane of Registry Editor, on the right side, click LowerFilters. Note You might see a LowerFilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click LowerFilters only. If you do not see the LowerFilters registry entry, unfortunately this content is unable to help you any more. Go to the "Next Steps" section for information about how you can find more solutions or more help on the Microsoft Web site. 2. On the Edit menu, click Delete. 3. Click Yes when you receive the following message: Are you sure you want to delete this value? The LowerFilters registry entry is removed. 4. Exit Registry Editor. Step 4: Restart your computer Restart your computer. After you have done this, try to access the CD or DVD drive. If you can access the CD or DVD drive, and if you do not receive an error message, the problem is resolved. You can reinstall your CD or DVD writing or recording software. Several of the products made by Roxio are infamous for causing this problem, although in fairness to the company the most recent versions of their Roxio CD/DVD writing software (6.2 and higher) do not have these problems. Users of 5.0 or 6.0 editions of the Easy CD & DVD Creator product, which has been bundled with many new PCs in the past, should upgrade to 6.2 or better. Other programs can also cause this problem, with the same solution. Note that after you do this, you may lose functionality in the program that uses the filter drivers, which may need to be reinstalled.
  3. i dont want to alarm you but it is a possibility that your harddrive is failing in which case i suggest if you have access to another computer hook the problematic harddrive into it as a slave and try to save as much of your stuff as possible if your items copy over without any problems it is likley that your drive is good in which case it would be the easiest route to use your xp disc and simply reformat the computer but make sure you have the windows activation key or you will not be very happy also you may do a scan for viruses and malware and run system file checker and chkdsk from another computer as well while it is hooked up as a slave hope this is helpful
  4. i am a Pc Tech at a local shop and we suggest avast to our customers as a free antivirus program if you were going to pay however i would suggest you use kaperskey hope this helps
  5. what did you use to remove the infections it may not have cleaned them out completely desktop/wallpaper hijackers will do what your describing also
  6. well im glad at least it will work now everyone needs a reliable comp to work with
  7. are you using a graphics card or onboard? shur down your computer and unplug it remove all of the expansion cards and try booting only from the onboard video also even if you are not using a graphics card still do this and remove your cards cards can cause all sorts of weird problems
  8. now getting back to Tx Redneck what antivirus and malware programs are you using also have you tried using combofix just do a google search for it and you will end up downloading it from bleepingcomputer when the comp boots into safe mode run it and do not disturb it unitl its finished (it will ask to load the recovery console if not already installed just click no and let it continue) then give us an update
  9. it sounds like a browser hijacker and firefox works cause the malware prob isn't designed for it if you do want to still use ie i recommend going to downloads.com and downloading malwarebytes and do a full scan
  10. also it may be that another driver or maybe the updated driver itself is bad i would go with man of the future clean up your system to ensure there are no conflicts and try the update again if the same thing happens just roll back the driver to the one that works
  11. sounds like a desktop hijacker to me friend if Jacee`s option does not help then try installing avast and running a boot scan then install malwarebytes and update then run a full scan let us know what happens
  12. it sounds like its the screen itself its not uncommon for them to go bad does your laptop have a vga output or maby a s-video out if so test it with another monitor and see if it does the same thing if not i would say its your laptop screen and unless you feel comfortable enough to take your laptop apart and replace it i would say bring it to a repair shop sorry bud
  13. you can also edit your startup and delete entries that you do not want there or that were left over from programs since removed
  14. you will need you xp disc and you can either run it through windows or through the recovery console i would suggest recovery console if possible go into a command prompt and type "sfc /scannow" and you should be good to go a window will pop up and if during the check it ask for your disk just click on retry and it will read it and repair/replace files
  15. it could be that your NIC is going bad or it could be a virus what anti-virus program do you have and is it updated also what do you use for anti- spyware/ adware/ malware
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