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  1. no one knows anything why I have to do this?
  2. Well get this I fixed it, but it's weird. Yes the stereo mix is enabled, but I have a USB headset which is my playback. What I did was I changed my playback to "Realtek HD Audio Output" and my recording is "Realtek HD Audio Input". If I change the playback to my headset it wont record audio. If I change the playback to the "Realtek HD Audio Output" it records it fine. I just have to switch it everytime which is annoying to hear what I recorded. Any ideas how to fix that?
  3. I have Camtasia Studio 6, Camstudio 2.5 and I been trying to figure out why I can't record my background sound. I have a Creative USB Fatal1ty headset, my gigabyte mobo has HD audio so I have the Realtek drivers installed and updated and nothing. Any ideas? Only thing I can think of is install a cheap new sound card. Matta
  4. I should invest into a external floppy drive. I'm use to using my 4GB USB drive.
  5. I just took out the drive and slapped it into my external closure and fixed it that way. I will have to make a new slipstream CD. I have a genuine windows key for home and pro. Thanks again Matta
  6. Either someone took it or I loaned it out and don't remember. I can double check the disk to see if I did by accident.
  7. It's a slipstream of a OEM I believe that I made. The labtop has Windows XP Professional installed on it. I have a slipstream of Windows XP Pro and I have a Retail Windows XP Home SP1.
  8. sorry. either or would be fine. I used recovery console multiple times and repair option. Just neither of them show up.
  9. The screen I get is delete partition, create partition or install windows. The setup screen basically. I don't get the recovery option at first.
  10. I seen this many times and I don't know, why but I do not get a repair windows installation at all. The only thing that is wrong is a windows/system32/config/system is corrupted or missing and I can fix it easily, but no repair option when I insert my xp disk. Matta
  11. Under Event View> System I got a faultrep.dll error. EDIT: Ok. Fixed. I went to Start>My Computer and right clicked on it than properties. Click the advanced tab than clicked the settings under Startup and Recovery. Under System failure I unchecked automatically restart and writing debug information set to none. Started up Cam Studio again this time I got the BSOD which was Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and the driver was sfng32.sys. I uninstalled the audio drivers on the machine than reinstalled them again and the problem was solved. Matta
  12. Gateway 835GM Windows Media Center Edition 1GB RAM Customer called about issues with TV Tuner Card and Cam Studio. He said it worked before until now. When you start Cam Studio and select a area to record it reboots. When he starts TV Tuner program to record from his digital camcorder it reboots. Any ideas? I already updated the drivers, scanned the system for viruses, updated windows, and scanned the hard drive for any errors. Same issues. I can only think of 2 things - 1st backup all his data on the drive - do a system restore as far back as possible - or do a recovery restore Matta
  13. In the United States, price fixing can be prosecuted as a criminal felony offense under section 1 of the Sherman Antitrust Act.[1] Prosecutions may be handled by the U.S. Department of Justice or by the Federal Trade Commission. Many State Attorneys General also bring antitrust cases and have antitrust offices, such as Virginia, New York, and California. Private individuals or organizations can bring their own lawsuits for triple damages for antitrust violations and also recover attorneys fees..[2] Colluding on price amongst competitors, also known as horizontal price fixing, is viewed as a per se violation of the Sherman Act regardless of the market impact or alleged efficiency of the action. In August of 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that vertical price fixing by a manufacturer and its retailers, also known as retail price maintenance, is not a per se violation. Under American law, exchanging prices among competitors can also violate the antitrust laws. This includes exchanging prices with either the intent to fix prices or if the exchange affects the prices individual competitors set. Proof that competitors have shared prices can be used as part of the evidence of an illegal price fixing agreement.[3] Experts generally advise that competitors avoid even the appearance of agreeing on price.[4] In Canada, it is an indictable criminal offence under section 45 of the Competition Act. Bid rigging is considered a form of price fixing and is illegal in both the United States (s.1 Sherman Act) and Canada (s.47 Competition Act). In the United States, agreements to fix, raise, lower, stabilize, or otherwise set a price are illegal per se.[5] It does not matter if the price agreed upon is reasonable or for a good or altruistic cause; or if the agreement is explicit and formal or unspoken and tacit. In the United States, price-fixing also includes agreements to hold prices the same, discount prices (even if based on financial need or income), set credit terms, agree on a price schedule or scale, adopt a common formula to figure prices, banning price advertising, or agreeing to adhere to prices that one announces.[6] Although price fixing usually means sellers agreeing on price, it can also include agreements among buyers to fix the price at which they will buy products. Thanks for the info and end of discussion.
  14. I edited this post due to many reasons. If you read further down about "price fixing" that's why I removed it. Thanks to Joe I researched it quickly and found more info about it and it's true. I should talk to my attorney and I can find out even more. Thanks again. Matta
  15. What OS are you using by chance? Windows XP or Vista? Matta
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