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  1. STOCK SCORE hokiealumnus - TRP E8400 DDR2-1066 EVGA 8800GTX (x1) Water Geekbench 3,482 - BIOSTAR Group TPower I45 : Geekbench Result Browser 3DMark01 41,235 - ORB - Compare 3DMark06 12,171 - ORB - Compare SuperPi1M 15.649s - Cinebench 7,140 - OC Bonus Stock Speed - 3000MHz OC'ed Speed - 3000MHz Percentage per calculator - 100% Bonus - 0 Total Score 274,791
  2. Username - Forum - Class - Team Name (The class & team name are to be posted with an overclocked score when you've been assigned a team & named it.) CPU RAM GPU (x1) (Be sure to list not only the GPU model number, but how many of them!, such as "EVGA 8800GTX (x1)" or "EVGA GTX260 (x3)") Cooling (Air, Water, LN2, DI, etc.) Geekbench Score - Link 3DMark01 Score - Link 3DMark06 Score - Link SuperPi1M Score - Screenshot (LINK OR THUMBNAIL ONLY...DO NOT POST FULL RESOLUTION SCREENSHOTS IN A SCORING THREAD) Cinebench Score - Screenshot (Same guideline applies.) OC Bonus Stock Speed OC'ed Speed Percentage per calculator Bonus Total Score Score all tallied up. Calculator screenshot (optional)
  3. Hey folks. I did this over to help TRP members out, so I'm posting here (and everywhere else) to help as well. Uniformity will make the FW Cops' jobs much, much easier. Please see the next two posts for a... Proper Scoring Example For reference, here are the benches as they appear in the rules and, most importantly, how they appear on the calculator: Geekbench (10x score)(32bit version only) 3d01 (2x score) 3d06 (4x score) SPi 1m w OC bonus (SSw2CPUz&TS) (7sec = 120k score) Cinebench (multi) (SSw2CPUz&TS) (4x score) Overclock Bonus (1000 points for every 1% OC on Super Pi 1m) Here's a link to the calculator. I'm putting this stuff in a post by itself so people can quote the scoring example and just edit their own info in. Easy as can be! Two important notes: #1: Geekbench. If you don't have an account, sign up for one. Whenever you submit a result, sign in and it will automatically assign that result to your profile. It is important to have your name associated with your result. #2: ORB Results: When you submit a result to orb, it will name the submission "My benchmark". Immediately after submission (or later if you prefer, but immediately is easier for you), click on "Edit" and rename the result with your username and forum (i.e. hokiealumnus - TRP). You can add more info if you prefer, but that's the minimum amount of info required. Any results for Geekbench run prior to 8/5/09 will be accepted as-is. Anything run on or after that date will need to have your name associated with the result. This is mandatory and will be strictly enforced with OC'ed scores, so be diligent; you don't want to have to re-run a test for such a simple mistake.
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