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    GA-X38-DS4, QX9650, Galaxy DXX 1000, Laing DDC 3.2 Pump w/Petra's Top, Swiftech MCR320-QP, D-TEK FuZion, MCW30, 2Gb Ballistic 8500, 4870x2 CrossfireX
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  1. I clicked it also, you have to have password, user name and some other info to do anything...
  2. We are not supposed to be seeing the install screen for the forum are we?
  3. I get the same thing, on a side note are we supposed to have the time stamp even on win 7 because it has that already?
  4. Hurry Ray, lol. I got some new scores today to post...
  5. Was wondering what happened, I cant get on either...
  6. Thanks for letting us hang out here while TRP was down...
  7. As old and slow as I am its usually afternoon before I get logged into to TRP, if add another forum to log into in a day it would be bedtime before I got over here...
  8. Hey CB , yea I visit everywhere. Been venturing farther and farther from my cave here lately...
  9. There ya are, I figured I would find something over here of what was going on with TRP, must be a sore looser...
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