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    Love Computer Tricks. Finding out System Errors. Always Learning. Love to Read.

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    Dell 4TTMZ61 OEM Windows 10 500GB 8GB RAM Intel CPU Pentium DVD-RW Drive
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  1. What kind of answer that Dummy? So Not Helpful? I'm normal dude and I passed the FCAT Test."
  2. Hello this might sound Stupid, Is anybody really Trick Or Treating? I know a great way to agrrivate them." Hide and when the Trick Or Treters come jump out and spray them with the Hose." I heard that story when I was in High School." Moving On: I have a question to ask: Um oh yes, Does anybody know the site Archiecomics.com? If you do have you ever noticed that they never update anything except News and then they have their Daily Comic Strip for everyday viewing that hasn't been updated since Last Year!" They never announce anything big like a price change or the Recession." Does anybody think it's because it could be the economy? Is that why? I'd really like an answer on that." I mean it's like their in charge and they don't care." What are your thoughts? The Dude
  3. Hi yes I want to tell you all about this website www.antispyware.com and when you get to the site it gives you all the bad Programs that give you spyware and it has a Anti-Spyware Program of it's own. Well I downloaded it and my CA Anti-Spyware detected it as a Medium Threat!!" Somebody should check it out. Go Check it out!
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