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  1. Update: Problem Solved! Hi there I solved my problem by turning on Motion Picture Plus the Soap Opera picture that some people don't like. So it's like Clear Motion Smooth. That's what it was all along.
  2. Your right, I'm sorry I forgot the model number. Here it is: It's a Samsung 39 inch LED Model: UN39FH5000F Serial Number if needed is: Z79L3CUF831207J. Hope that helps. Thank You.
  3. Hi, yes as posted above as my title, I have a 1080P Samsung 39 inch LED Television. It was just manufactured in January 2014 this year. I purchased this TV at Best Buy. Now this supposedly is a Smart TV but when I try to connect wirelessly on my TV it says it says I need a USB plugged in. Well I plugged one in got my photos and videos that were from the Internet but I still couldn't get online. Now if I need a cable for that I don't understand how it's wireless built in. Where would I plug the cable or adapter from my TV into what? I only get Wi FI that's built in to my Sony BLU-RAY Player. That's the only way I can get online on my TV is through my DVD player. Now this is the major mystery. My 1080P Samsung LED TV has both HDMI Cables both (Gold) plugged in to both my HD Cable Box to my TV and it's from Verizon and it's the latest Cable Box btw. And the other HDMI Cable is connected to my TV to my Sony BLU-RAY player. However now get this, this is weird, My Mom and my Uncle both have Samsung TVS both LED and they both get a REAL LIFE PICTURE for their BLU-RAY player and Regular TV. And their TVS are couple of years older and they are not using any more expensive cables then I'm using. I mean gee whiz even a DVD movie that is from 1990 and another DVD movie that is from 1970, their Samsung TV gets the Real Life Picture for the movie that's not even in BLU-RAY disc and my Samsung 1080P LED that's made from this year does not even on my Regular HD Channels. I mean the quality is good but it's not True Real Life picture like my Moms and Uncles. They both have Verizon too and they both have a Samsung BLU-RAY player mine is a SONY but I know that's not it. My TV has the latest firmware, Cables, but sadly NO REAL LIFE picture. I don't understand this I have the latest TV Firmware and no REAL LIFE PICTURE. I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue and I will read every comment and will respond to each one when I get a chance. Sorry this is a long post. But yeah I give up on the mystery of the real life picture they my Mom and Uncle get and I don't. I got a new TV in 2015 and it's a Samsung 40 inch 4K Ultra HD TV. I got the Clear Smooth Picture by turning on Auto Motion Plus for Samsung TVs. That's what it was all along. Wow SMH
  4. Hello Everyone, yes it has been a few months since I've posted information but I would like to say that this new program from Microsoft Freakin Rocks!!!" You know why because it's light and only takes up like 14 Megabytes of Space! There to me is no other program that is exactly cool like this." Every other software I tried takes up more than 100 megabytes, clogs resources, even though their working on it, it still clogs to me." Why didn't Microsoft come out with this program years ago??" It would have saved me alot of money." I can even run this in real time protection and still my computer is still fast." Anyway, if you want to save money, check out this program- you won't regret it.!" A+++ Later Guys.....
  5. Uhh, I don't want this one." No thank you. I want a good paid version. But thanks though ."
  6. Oaky this is a problem my computer has been having with these." It all started when I downloaded and installed PCTools Antivirus free edition." Once the program was installed it gave me the option to do a update. Well when I tried to install the update I got the BSOD Error Message (Bad Pool Caller.") Well I figured it out that it was this software and I uninstalled it and that was the end of the message." Today I tried two new ones not at the same time of course, but I installed Panda Antivirus free edition." Once it was finished installing I couldn't run the program the computer froze and I got another BSOD saying and I'm actually going to type the whole message it said. "A Device Driver attempting to Corrupt the System has been Caught. The Faulty Driver currently on the Kernel Stack must be replaced with a working version. Stop: 0X000000C4 (0X00000083), 0X7B750020, 0X00001000, 0X0007B751) So I contacted support from Compaq and they told me to install a paid antivirus and not to install these free ones." He's right because my Memory is fine and it's not a Operating System Issue he said." It's a faulty program." But You know what's going on here? Well I gotta tell you this is happening to quite a few anitvirus programs I've been installing lately." Now I've read the Agreement letter before I installed the product and it said it's not responsible for errors for the free edition I guess." So who fault is it? The MilkMan's? Iis it Donald Duck's Fault? No! It's their fault!" They have the problem! And yet other people use them with no problem what so ever? I don't get this." I'm just trying to find a nice light Anitivirus + Spyware porgram to run and when I try these Free ones I can't even get them to work!!! They Crash my system. And my system is clean of spyware and Virus ware. It seems to me that my computer almost as if wants me personally to have a paid one! Well Norton is too strong and Mcafee was rated terrible so IDK I really need some help with this one." Please respond, even if it isn't much. I read may not respond but definitly read each one."
  7. Yes first of all I have a Compaq Desktop Windows XP MCE 2005 with 2GB of Ram and a Intel Celeron Processor 3.20 GHZ." And I'm wondering if I should upgrade it to Vista." I already have a sort of Vista theme to it but I'm thinking that with Vista's strong colors and Aero it might hog the Intel Celeron of course I could turn it off but then what's the point of having Vista? And also with those colors and themes my Video Card Radeon Express with only 256mb might clog it." The only thing I know how to install is Computer RAM." I don't know how to install a new higher videocard." So i'm kind of afraid of upgrading because with my low processor (Intel Celeron Sucks! ) and my 256 Video Card I'm just afraid Vista will be a resource hog. But my computer can run it." I also know now that Windows 7 is out but I'm so used to Vista because the computer that I am typing on now has Vista Home Premium on it. Mabey I should just leave it with XP." Intel Celeron is not that great with vista and you really need a Pentium 4 Processor or Dual Core BTW on my XP my system info button isn't coming up when I click on it and I lost my Preinstalled PC-Doctor ." No I don't have any Viruses or Spyware I don't know the System info isn't working. What do you think? Bye for Now.
  8. Hello I have 2 Computers one with XP and one with Vista on it." Both of them came Pre-InFactory stalled with it. Anyway what's weird is that when I look at my System Information the (Product Key) is different than the one that's on the sticker on the Computer case that came with the Computer. What I mean is when I look at my System Information on my computer the Product Key is different then the one that's on the Sticker on the PC BOX." Is this normal? Another thing is there anyone else who will agree with me that Vista's Boot Process is slightly faster than XP's Bootup? My starts so quick that it plays the Logged on sound plays when its preparing to be logged on!!" Please advise, Thank You -The Dude
  9. Hello although this is not about me I thought I should mabey write this because I need a little advice on this issue." Alright, What's bothering me and mabey it does sound stupid but it really concerns me alot is that my Mom has own Buisness and she got a computer that somebody built and sold it to her. She does all of her work on there and has Win XP HE 1GB RAM. But what's bothering me is that she never almost doesn't even know how to take care of it and on the inside Dust is probably resting comfterbly on the inside doesn't do any registry cleaning probably never deletes her Cache files Cookies or history. And when I tell her or even talk to her about it all she says is that it's not something she is concerned about and I tell her it's like a car that needs Tuneups and OilChanges." I'm a computer Whiz but she thinks I'll mess something up it's so frusterating and she will only let me work on it if it's broken or something is wrong." Same thing goes for my Grandmother, Aunt, my sister and my Uncle." Why can't these people learn more about Technology and smarten up? I'm the only one in my whole family who is computer savy like they all depend on me." I don't like it at all. I tell her that if she doens't clean up the dust inside her pc it might crash but she will probably will only let me do it once and that's it. How will I ever get her to listen to me? Mabey I'm being paranoid but I just wish she was computer Savy like me and take better care of her PC and things." Comments Appreciated, That's all Thank You
  10. Yes, Yes, I love this program, but they should match the programs with the Pictures by name. But otherwise this is a AWESOME!!!! Program, which should actually be included in Windows!! A+++
  11. Everything is oaky now! It was not my fault a Hacker stole our password and used it to create fake Foreign Lottery Tickets to people."
  12. Hello, We use AOL 9.1 on My Vista and 9.5 on my XP." We are both customers and we pay 11.99 a Month." On Monday AOL Closed our accounts for some Violation and now the accounts are closed. We did not Violate anything." When you call AOL Support they tell you you have to write to corporate in Virginia." We have a wrote a letter and My Dad has left 2 messages and I am really upset because he had some very valueable Financial Documents for my Brother who has a Serious disablilty." Now he can't get them." I need my emails and my old ones that I have saved. We have signed up with Gmail now and he uses that email but My old Email Address is still on google's file and now I don't know my password and username I forgot and oh sure I can get it they just email me the other one that I can't check in the first place." I am extremely upset with AOL to just close our account just like that with no explonation and we have been with them since 1995!" I should of left them a long time ago. That was my first mistake. I (We) I repeat we did NOT violate anything and it's like they just Terminated our account for no reason." They owe us an apology." We have been Wrongfully Accused." I don't what we could of done wrong we haven't avertised or anything." To just terminate our accounts like that is a Disgusting Act and don't forget we had saved emails for my Brother's Disability Plan." We need them Desperatley." AOL Service Billing,Tech, All say the same thing that they have no access or information to our account except to write to Idiotic Tech Support who god knows when they will write back." They are wrong to do this and I wish I SUE them. I know I should have saved my emails but I was a big idiot and I didn't . They are the most Disgusting Support line I have ever seen. All I can do is prey and keep trying to reach them who don't care about Customers at all." Now if they don't unlock the account I am so through with and I'm through with them anyway if they ever do." "Down to AOL Hell! Please respond I am also stressed and I'm so angry and mabey this isn't the right category to post this in but I just wanted my Opinion of a Valued Customer that they can do this to Anyone.
  13. I know their not going to put a bad transaction silly, I just thought anybody else noticed that the Testimonials for the Optimizer all the same. I never see any new ones posted." And why is there only Customer Comments on the Optimizer 2.0 product?
  14. But that does not answer my question, I also asked on other websites when they list Customer Testimonials are they really customers or is the site administrator just making it up?
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