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  1. I seen it just sent one in (and is recorded on the FAH site for 2,100 (or so)... My wife keeps shutting the dang thing down at night..as it is kind of loud (6 133 cfm fans running full speed ) but I cant hear it.. Wish I can lock it.. But I know I have done more than 2 cpu wu's.. is from Extremes website..( they only update every three hours. Im guessing) From FAH Website.. But as I look through the EOC log it only shows 1 other 2000+ wu.. Hmm time to go digging. Edit: As I should be way ahead of the number 110 spot right now..Especially if there is only 34 members folding!
  2. Finally something kicked in as it is doing steps in 4 or 5 minutes now.. Obviously when I am messing around that takes some cycles away it takes a couple minutes more. Although it seems it is not sending my gpu WU's in?
  3. When your pc is saying you dont have enough memory (in this case) I think it is talking about RAM.. Does it say hard drive space or "Memory"? If it says memory then it means Ram..Will have to shut down some running programs through ctrl+alt+del... When you open task manager (ctrl, alt, del) how much ram does it say you have and how much is being used? It can also be talking about Virtual Memory or your page file (swap file)...Let us know how much ram you have installed and what OS you are runnin!
  4. If your going to go with one of those, why not get a 5750? ST 5750 Edit: NM seen you need a one slot card.
  5. think it is there server?? As it still will not connect. It sent in my last WU but it has been down now for 2 hours! Edit 4 hours
  6. Tried that and keep getting the same thing.. Here is the log
  7. Well now got a new problem! It keeps trying to attempt to get work but will not get it! Both gpu and cmp folding are attempting to get WU's at the same time. Do I need to shut one down?
  8. But those 920's run hot dont they? Ya running at about 7 minutes a step instead of 13!
  9. I had to do some "cooling fixins" and forgot to run it when I turned the pc back on As far as the run command.. I got it from the instructions at the FAH website.. but everything is running great today!! Wish I could bring that cpu temp down a bit but at 4ghz thats descent!
  10. Aha.. Finally got the SMP working... Now I should be putting some points up there.. My problem was I was not running it from the "run" command. I thought just clicking the icon started it
  11. Yes TX.... I still cannot get my vmare to restart! Am going to uninstall it now and re-do it..
  12. try this fix... 1. Click Start, and then click My Computer. 2. Click Folder Options on the Tools menu. 3. Click the View tab. 4. Click Show hidden files and folders under Hidden files and folders.
  13. here is there drivers... http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downlo...GetDown=false#1 It is not in your device manager anymore?? Hmm
  14. Sorry mine is as boring as watching... well put in your own metaphor! I like to click 20 times to get to where I want to go
  15. Here is a couple screenshots to keep realtek saving its own settings... When you enable its pop ups when you plug speakers in it will ask you what did you plug in.. Mess around with it till you find the right one,(I am pretty sure you will need to put a check in the ling in box though)
  16. As far as a loosing battle? Depends on how the card overclocks! I know mine does or will not overclock anymore than it is now ( About a 2% overclock so not good) As Kojak said though you have the Luxury of keeping your card when DX 11 is fully out. Me, I have to buy a new card. You will still be able to play all games that are out now though! Would not worry bout it to much! I mean compare it to what you came from and you should be very satisfied!
  17. Forgot about that! Also after reading the Bose companion for your speakers they should be plugged into the "Line In" input (usually green) What audio card do you have? Or onboard audio do you have? To check this Right click "my computer" click Manage...The click on device manager....Look for Sound controllers and let us know what it says.. (maybe Realtek or something similar..)
  18. Have you tried different configurations? I am only guessing that the bose have color coated plugs? Are you plugging them in the fron or back? As they should be in the back.
  19. I like it! As she is no longer allowed on my main rig but getting tired of her turning off her a/v on her because she has to click links! I tell her those people are not really naked
  20. Howdy and From hat I see it all points to a hardware failure on the system board! Maybe dell did not fix the problem! Could also be a temp problem.. If you can get core temp to run and let us know what the temps are? Core Temp
  21. This makes me think of a memory error. If you can get into your BIOS set it back to defaults and look at hat your memory voltage is! This has effected some other users having the same problem..
  22. After reading that seems about right! As the 5750 is not better than the 4890..(as I thought the 5750 was better than the 4890) It is the baby of the 5700 series... the 4890 is the top of the line of the 4000 series. You will still be able to play all your games at high res though!
  23. What I want to know is how you get away with this? I wish my wife would stop using them as she clicks on anything and everything.. ... Even script block cant stop her from downloading something
  24. ok been wondering why my cpu is only using 75% for the last day and went into my foler (online) and found this?
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