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  1. this is the one place i can get an answer,i cannot access my lexmarkx1270 printer ,every time i get an error message saying:-C:\program files\lexmark 1200 series\LXCZJSWR.DLL i`v googled it and removed from pc reinstalled printer searched for all downloads,ran all anti virus and spyware,malware,ect,restored system back two weeks,infact every thing i can think of,even ran super anti spy [which found extra spywaer ect] but still get error message.can enyone help
  2. i had a problem something the same with winmx,music files would not play ect,i downloaded real player [free edition] and got all the codecs ect,now plays all files perfectly
  3. i really know how you feel,i had to get our black lab put to sleep about 5 years ago,broke my heart,
  4. my sympanthy to all who are affected, but you will recover
  5. try at the> a:\ command type c:> at c: type format c:but if it is still not responding,as you said it should format from the c/d
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