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  1. Thanks for that link. I'm still not sure what they are. They are the very first in the C:Windows list. If they were in one of the temp folders, I'd delete them, but since they are freestanding in C:Windows, I don't know if they are a normal part of windows, or were put there by "something" as a way of avoiding being deleted. Thanks again.
  2. istmp1.dir and istmp2.dir in C:Windows I am working on repairing my computer after a "something" (virus/trojan/hijack/nasty beast???) yesterday. I first noticed the wavy color line along the task bar, and sluggish performance. Ran Spybot, Adaware, HJT, and AVG; then rebooted. Got a message: "microsoft Registry checking files. Windows found an error in your system files and restored a recent backup of files to fix the problem. Press enter to restart." Of course, that DID NOT fix the problem. What was restored was something from a long time ago, and included in the restore was all the nasty stuff that had been cleaned out by my virus & spyware software. Also restored references to old programs that I had uninstalled, including McAfee. (haven't used that in over a year - & it took hours & hours deleting all that McAfee stuff a year ago!) Oh yeah, AVG "core driver" was missing, all Spyware Blaster immunizations were gone, ZA was removed, as well as Spybot S&D & Adaware. Anyway...... have gotten ZA, Spybot S&D, Adaware, Spyware Blaster & AVG all back. Have updated and scanned each one at least 3 times, and used Trend Micro, PcPitstop & several other scans. Question: "istmp1.dir" and "istmp2.dir" : Are these 2 files normal windows file, or are they something I need to look at closer? They were created June 14, 2002, & I'm wondering if they might have been part of the garbage that was restored to my computer by the MS Registry File Checker. It says: "Corecomp.ini ; ; This file stores information about files that InstallShield ; will install to the Windows\System folder, such as Windows ; 95 and NT 4.0 core components and DAO, ODBC, and ActiveX files. ; ; The entries have the following format, without a space before ; or after the equal sign: ; ; <file name>=<properties> ; ; Currently, following properties are supported: ; 0x00000000 No registry entry is created for this file. It is ; not logged for uninstallation, and is therefore ; never removed. ; ; Inappropriate modification to this file can prevent an ; application from getting Windows 95/Windows NT logo. ; ; Last Updated: 8/26/98 [Win32] " Sorry this is so long
  3. I checked my Spybot, & mine says "1632 bad products are now blocked." I check for updates routinely most days, & tried several times today when I saw other people post that they had 1944 bad products blocked. Is there any way to tell what the right number is? Any clues why when I look for new updates I get the message that there are no newer updates, but my number is much lower than others? Thanks.
  4. Volt, I am so sorry. I'm praying for your strength, and that you will be able to feel the love and peace we ask for you. JJ
  5. Thanks, ya'll. Until now, I haven't had any problems with it. I'd receive a notice that an update was available, and the update would take a minute or less. (The other night, I used the "online support" on their site - you type in the problem and supposedly a person answers with suggestions. Well, the very slow steps I was given included clearing the temp files and downloaded program file, and then reboot! That's it! When he asked if I had any more questions, I said that I'd still like to know if the latest update was supposed to be like what I described. He said, "It's possible." What a waste of time.) Anyway, I get the feeling that ya'll don't care for McAfee, and when I subscribed to the Virus Scan Online for a year, I thought I was buying a quality product that all the pro's used! So, do you mind telling me what I should know about it, because I recommended it to most of family and friends after I got it, and now they have it to!!!!! I'm going to look into the AVG mentioned. Thanks again. JJ
  6. I've used this since November, so have downloaded lots of updates. Yesterday's was different. First, it had to download an ActiveX, which had to be initiated by rebooting. The process included 3 reboots. Since then, McAfee has attempted to connect to internet about once an hour, and ZA has blocked it. When I saw the log, I checked to see if there was another McAfee update, but there wasn't. Now, this may all mean nothing, but that's what I'm asking. None of the other updates involved rebooting, and I don't remember it being in the ZA logs. Anyone else use this program and update yesterday 7/27? Thanks. JJ
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