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  1. Congradulations Volt and Jazzy! Wish you a long, loving and prosperous life together! W1
  2. I work for the SBA (Small Bus.Admin) in The SBDC (Small Bus development Center) I am the Admn. Assistant. And, I love my job! meet alot of interesting folks. W1
  3. pest patrol or trojan hunter check with computer cops.com W1
  4. Thought you folks might be interested in this program if you aren't already aware of it, tells you everything on your computer etc. Belarc Advisor The techs at work use this to keep up with what we have on our work computers. Just thought it might be useful here. W1
  5. I think both men and women alike need to learn to be self-sufficient. If someone doesn't open the door for me, doesn't bother me, I just figure how to do it myself as with most things. If they do, I thank them and go on about my bus. if not thats o.k. too. Everyone doesn't think alike, and it may just not occur to them to do it. I don't consider it rude. If I have a big load of stuff for my office, and some one is nearby I just ask, simple as that, "Hey care to give a hand here?" its not that hard to do and it usually works. I have as yet to find anyone who has refused. Might want to try that next time. As for rising when dining , I could care less if the man rises every time I do. And I am not insulted if they don't pull out my chair. Not a feminist, just to old to give two hoots ! W1
  6. changed mine too. In support of Volt and family. W1
  7. Same here, No Mercy. W1
  8. I am so very sorry to hear this news. Volt, My thoughts and my prayers are with you and your family. W1
  9. Want to really have fun? try applying for SS Disability after working a few yrs. You get the "royal run-around" and alot of bs. But, just be someone who has never worked, says they "can't read or write" play dumb and see how fast they get that ck. At one time, I had to get benefits, med. stamps etc. and then when I started working "poof" nothing, even tho I only worked 20 hrs pr wk part time and made a little less than 200 dollars every 2 wks. Then, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and tried for a med card, from every social agency i could find, zip, nada. No help from anyone. As anyone with diabetes can tell you, it is an expensive disease and there is no cure. There for awhile I was working just to pay for my medical and meds. I went to school, got a better job with insurance because I had no choice! If you work, better hope you never get past working! Because there is no security in anything other than what you create for yourself! W1
  10. thank you Tracylynn. They say, "anything that doesn't kill us, makes us stronger," maybe thats true. Life is full of choices, and one of mine was either go off the "deep-end" or keep going for my other children, I had to keep going! W1
  11. yes, I guess it must be. ("Texas Thang" ). Thank you for the apology, but its not necessary, we are all different and see things differently depending on the events/experiences in our lives, to you it was funny, to me because of past events in my life, the other way round. Had it not been for that, I may have seen it as humorous, who knows? And, thank you Devanski, for your concern, and I am fine or as fine as I will ever be. The events I mentioned were a number of yrs. ago, and as they say "it takes time." Maybe I over reacted, to the post, but sometimes, things I see , read , hear dredge up memories I rather not look at to closely. W1 W1
  12. Geeze, I couldn't believe this! Kids with guns?? I'll put this very simply and right to the point! I hate Guns, all sizes and all kinds! I lost my youngest and my eldest son to guns. I won't go into details, the memories are much to painful and really my own private sorrow. Neither one was a child, the youngest was almost 20 the eldest in his 30s. I celebrated the 4th of July at the cemetery, and a couple of yrs later, a few wks after New Years in the same place thanks to guns! I do not think this is wonderful, or anything of the sort. I know and appreciate there are valid reasons to own them, hunting, protection etc. but, you won't find them at my house! W1
  13. Now I'm disappointed, thought i had discovered something new, kind of like Elderberry jelly hubbie makes every year or Elderberry wine. If I tried that around here telling the clerk something like that, they would more than likely laugh me out of the store, This is KY We are not all as "hillbilly" as Ike would have you believe. W1
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