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  1. 2 hours ago, Tomk_ said:

    I hate to be a nag... but you should really consider keeping Ubuntu or make some other choice for your operating system.  Trying to run XP, at this point in time, is, perhaps, worse than playing Russian roulette.  There is nothing secure about it.  You are going to find sites and programs that will not allow you access if you are running XP.  The browser you are now using is extremely unsecure.  You should never even consider using those computers for anything that contains personal information.  That means no banking, no online purchases, etc.  You probably shouldn't even use it for email.  You are now a danger to the whole World Wide Web.  I know that sounds dramatic... but it is the truth.


  2. On ‎12‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 4:20 AM, Jacee said:

    Yah, well I like Tony's version!! :hug:

    Very very belated; however thank you my friend :hug:as for Tom's reply...that highly amuses me to be honest! :clap: Plus I do honestly like the him...:cheers: ...

  3. I dinna post in this topic often but I am subscribed as you all know.


    Anyway I like this track from Linkin Park, thought provoking in a way for myself as it reminds myself in a round about way about my dear departed son...



    IE men are not supposed to feel emotion and or such; utter crap! I miss my boy every single day and would swap places in a heartbeat!


    Hoverer I'm not maudlin by the way and still the Anti-Malware Mammoth! :P:)

  4. Hi. :)


    No harm trying the below...


    TFC(Temp File Cleaner):

    • Please download TFC to your desktop,
    • Save any unsaved work. TFC will close all open application windows.
    • Double-click TFC.exe to run the program.
    • Click the Start button in the bottom left of TFC
    • If prompted, click "Yes" to reboot.
    Note: Save your work. TFC will automatically close any open programs, let it run uninterrupted. It should not take longer than a couple of minutes , and may only take a few seconds. Only if needed will you be prompted to reboot.


    I advise you keep TFC on your desktop aand run it say at least once per week as it is a very effective piece of software for cleaning out temp' files etc with XP etc.


    Hard-Drive Maintenance/Repair:


    Note: for the CHKDSK portion you may refer to this tutorial of mine here and follow the instructions for Graphical Mode if you so wish.

    • Click Start >> Run... then type in CMD and click on OK.
    • At the Command Prompt C:\ > type the following:
    • CD C:\ and hit the Enter/Return key.
    • Now type in DEFRAG C: -F
    • A Analysis report will be displayed and then Windows will start the Defragmentation run automatically.
    • This may take some time, when completed the Command Prompt C:\ > will appear.
    • Now type in CHKDSK C: /R and hit the Enter/Return key.
    • When prompted with:

    CHKDSK cannot run because the volume is in use by another process

    Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked next time the system

    restarts (Y/N)

    • Hit the Y key then at the Command Prompt C:\ >
    • Type in EXIT and and hit the Enter/Return key.
    • Now Reboot(Restart) your computer.
    Note: Upon Reboot(Restart) the CHKDSK(check-disk) will start and carry out the repairs required.


    You should see a screen like this just after the Post(power on self test) screen:




    Note: Do not touch either the keyboard or Mouse, otherwise the Check-Disk will be cancelled and you computer will continue to boot-up as normal.

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